Delicious Snowball Themed Treat Recipes

No more ice bombs to the face or bruised arms; these sweet-powdery snowball desserts will have you feeling the love (unless you’re in the mood for a sugary food fight). One thing’s for sure though: folks will definitely fuss over the last delicacy and each is totally worth it.

1. Vietnamese snowball cakes

 Runaway Rice

2. Newfoundland snowballs

Rock Recipes

3. Pink snowball cakes

 Yudhika Yumyum

4. Lemon coconut snowball cake

Sugar Her

5. Scottish raspberry jam snowballs

Christina’s Cucina

6. Chocolate chip snowball cookies

Crazy for Crust

7. No-bake healthy coconut snowballs

Sweet as Honey.

8. Pecan snowball cookies

This Grandma is Fun!

9. White chocolate coconut snowball truffle

Pineapple & Coconut

10.  Walnut snowball cookies

Simply Recipes

11. Double chocolate snowball cookies

Crazy for Crust

12. Almond snowball cookies

Natasha’s Kitchen

13. Chocolate Kahlua snowball cookies


14. Lime coconut snowball cookies

Two Peas & Their Pod

15. Snowball cake dip

Homemade Hooplah

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