Delicious Whole Chicken Crockpot Ideas

There are many easy chicken crock pot recipes out there, but most focus on one cut of meat per recipe. If you’re tired of shopping for thighs, breasts and nuggets, then maybe it’s time to take a look at the best whole chicken crock pot recipes currently being passed around on the net.

If you don’t have a slow cooker yet, you might want to get a crock pot now. There are so many quick and easy crock pot recipes worth looking up. Once you check out these recipes, you will want one. Badly.

1. Basic crockpot chicken how-to

Freebie Finding Mom

2. Paprika crockpot chicken

 Family Fresh Meals.

3. Crockpot chicken with home blended smoked BBQ chicken rub

DIY Thrill

4. Frozen or thawed bird technique

Mom Makes Dinner

5. Roasted crockpot chicken with onions and rosemary

Thrift Northwest Moms.

6. Slow cooker chicken with homemade gravy

Recipes From a Pantry

7. Crockpot Mississippi whole chicken

Recipes That Crock

8. Crockpot Asian style whole chicken

The Family Freezer

9. Crockpot whole chicken with slow cooked veggies

Cook n’ Share

10. Slow cooker lemon garlic chicken

Number 2 Pencil

11. Crockpot honey garlic chicken and veggies

The Kitchen Magpie

12. Slow cooker whole chicken with potatoes

Pure Wow

13. Citrus and herb crockpot whole chicken

Raising Whasians

14. Crockpot whole chicken and rice

Julie’s Eats & Treats

15. Crockpot Cajun whole chicken

Coffee With Us 3

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