Awesome DIY Camera Case

If you’re passionate about photography then you’ll definitely have to be careful about your photo hardware. With all the gear being so expensive, the last of your worries is the luggage in which you carry them around. But the truth is a lot of your camera accessories take damage when you travel.

To save on some money and to only make a bag that suits your needs, we suggest you try making this DIY camera carrier. With some felt of your preferred color, a few foam rectangles and a disposition for sewing with a machine, you will be able to have the same product as the one seen in the pictures. Making the precise measurements in the beginning will let you have the bag you need and want for your camera and accessories. Read the full tutorial from the link below and make sure you never leave the studio without your crafty DIY camera case. You will thank us later!

Camera carrier insert tutorial – How Joyful

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