DIY Citrus-Inspired Crafts

We are excited to try some fresh cold cocktail in our cocktail set, or to fill the change purse with money. Do you like the ideas of making these citrus crafts? Which one you like the most?

Cute Coasters


Make warm-weather drinks some felt coasters that match their fruity, refreshing appeal. We love that each coaster is slightly different from the next due to the handsewing. They will add a breezy, summery vibe to any table.

Chevron Wreath


For making this wreath you will need: yellow chevron ribbon, green chevron ribbon, wreath form, fake lemons, shish kabob sticks and pins. Talk about easy peasy!

Change Purse


It’s kind of a cross between a pink grapefruit and something that reminds me of pink lemonade and everything summer. We’ll just call it a citrus wedge. How about that?

Cocktail Set


Give simple glass tumblers a retro look to enjoy summer libations Don Draper-style. We used the same technique for the tray, except instead of using glass paint. We cured it in the oven the same way we did the glasses.

Mantel Message


We think it could be fun to do this with a bunch of different foods and spell out the words “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary” etc.

Pretty Potholders


Boring potholders begone! With these bang-on-trend tutti-frutti beauties, you’ll never look at a plain old potholder in the same way again.

Tea Towels


The colours are so bright and cheerful! Don’t you think they are so fun for summer? They will make a really fun one of a kind addition to my summer kitchen decor!

Wall Art

You could make them any size, group them in any number, or stand alone. How about this design for the top of a side table. How would you use this citrus punch!?

Paper Plate Fruits


Once you make a few, you can hot glue clusters of the fruits together and hang them up for a summery decoration. They would look cute on a sign for a lemonade stand or you could use them on a party sign.

Citrus Slice Dishcloths


The Citrus Slice Dishcloths are an easy knitting pattern to complete using any colour you prefer. Brightly coloured yarn makes them especially perfect for a hot, summer day. Make these for your own home, or make a set to bring as a hostess gift. They are worked in a spiral pattern and truly resemble sliced citrus fruit.

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