DIY Duct Tape Crafts

1. Waterproof duct tape beach bag. Yes, you read that correctly. This entire tote bag is made from duct tape! Disney Family guides you through the process of construction a bag with a varying colour pattern that’s so sturdy, its shiny exterior will even withstand a trip to the beach.


2. Duct tape tote bags


Do you like the idea of creating a duct tape bag but you’re not sure that you need one quite so big? Check out Wishberry Blossoms’ tutorial for making different styles and sizes of toe bag so that you have one available for pretty much anything you need. These ones might even work very well as a lunch bag for work or school!

3. Duct tape messenger bag


Do the previous bag styles still not quite tickle your fancy? Perhaps a messenger bag is more your style! This tutorial from Mom Filter teaches you how to make a bag with a closing flap, step by step, using several different colours of tape to make it as stylish and fun as it is genuinely practical.

4. Duct tape fruit slice purse


Okay, so you’ve seen duct taped bags in a range of styles, sizes, and colours now, but you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. We’re going to take a shot in the dark and say that you had something a little more fun in mind. Well, we’re not sure you’ll every find a bag more fun than these fruit slice shaped purses by Duck Brand!

5. Braided duct tape bracelets


Did you know that duct tape is a great tool for making finer, more detailed projects as well? You can even make cute jewelry, just like this pretty braided bracelet by WikiHow! If you’re feeling like jazzing the style up a bit, try using differently coloured “strands” of duct tape rater than three of the same.

6. Rolled duct tape bead bracelets


Have you ever made bracelets with DIY rolled paper beads before? The technique for creating rolled duct tape beads is very similar to those! In case you haven’t tried them before, though, here’s a full tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts.

7. Duct tape hair bows


Are you a huge fan of unconventional hair pieces that stand out a little while still looking totally stylish? Well, you might feel like you’ve hit the jackpot on those criteria when you see these adorable duct tape air bows made by Bles-id.

8. Duct tape belt


This black and white checkered pattern looks like something we might have worn in high school in the early 2000s, right around the time that Avril Lavigne’s first single debuted. We’re in love with it! You can use whatever colour duct tape you want. Once you’ve chosen, follow the steps on Crafty Soccer Mom.

9. Duct tape covered rain boots


Do you have an old pair of rain boots that leaks a bit of water through one side seam when you wear them? Perhaps they’re still water proof but you’ve become bored with their appearance? Duct tape is the perfect way to fix both of those problems! Check out how Crafting in the Rain made these adorable hound’s tooth covered boots in one afternoon.

10. No-sew duct tape apron


Instructables shows you how to take advantage of both the sticking power and the bright colour availability of good duct tape! Instead of actually constructing something out of duct tape, however, you’re creating a picture from pieces of duct tape, like an applique on the front of a t-shirt

11. Duct tape super hero mask


Do your kids love playing dress up? Are you looking for a funny mask for a fancy dress party? Sure, you can go buy silly masks at the dollar or toy store, but we think it sounds like a lot more fun to make any style of colour of mask you want out of duct tape, just like Dukes and Duchesses did here!

12. Duct tape key ring wristlet


Adding a wrist strap to your keys can be a very useful feature when your hangs are full. It also gives you one extra thing to grab onto in an attempt not to lose them! Lanyards from the store serve essentially the same purpose as this… but you get to make this duct tape version look however you want! Get the full instructions on Crafty Soccer Mom.

13. Duct tape wallet


Are you looking for a temporary wallet solution until you’ve saved enough money to buy yourself that gorgeous brand name designer wallet you saw in the window of your favourite store? Duct tape is definitely the answer, both in terms of affordability and fun. Besides, this duct tape wallet by Duck Brand might even hold up longer than the designer wallet you’re saving for!

14. No-sew duct tape basket


Have you been looking for a little storage basket for organizing yarn, acting as a cat bed, or even just going on a picnic? Making one out of duct tape lets you choose exactly what size, colour, shape, and pattern your basket will be! Check out how this one was made on Libby Dibby.

15. Duct tape flower

The beauty of this little duct tape flower by How Joyful is that you can use it for pretty much anything! Turn it into a hair piece, wear it as a brooch, or stick a magnet on the back. We weren’t kidding when we said duct tape is really versatile!

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