DIY Fairy Garden Tree House

There are quite a few steps, which you should check out in full on Instructables. But it all starts with fastening a bit of copper wire around some wood and inserting them both into Styrofoam. You glue them in, wait for the foam to harden, and connect branches with more copper wire.

You transform the Styrofoam until it resembles the hill for the house, continue working on the branches, and then start working on the house itself. You can use craft foam to do this, beginning with the walls and ending with the addition of the roof. You then need to add all the details and textures, and finish it all off with a layer of protective resin. Add the tiles and paint, and finish up with clear wood glue.

She explains it all in-depth through the video and the Instructables link. Check it out, and have fun creating your own magical fairy tree house. Once you have one of these in your yard, you may very well believe in fairies again!

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