Cool DIY Hemp Bracelet Patterns

1. Bead and hemp summer ankle bracelet. Crafts Unleashed shows you how to use double stranded braiding and beads to create a delicate bracelet for your ankle.


2. Hemp button bracelets


Do you prefer hemp bracelets that don’t stay on all season? These button clasp ones from Happy Hour Projects are perfect for you.

3. Simple braids and beads


Happy Hour Projects shows you how to make super simple hemp bracelets with braids and beads. These are great for beginners!

4. Intricate cuff hemp bracelet


Are you looking for a pattern that’s a little more challenging? This intricate cuff pattern by For the Love of Scarves is nothing short of gorgeous!

5. Knotted hemp bracelet


Do you prefer a more bohemian style than pretty braids? Knots and beads are perfect. This tutorial from Happy Hour Projects also shows you put in a clasp so you can take it on and off!

6. Bamboo tile and hemp bracelet


Crafts Unleashed shows you how to create a thick, rounded bracelet with a gorgeous bamboo tile accent piece in the center.

7. Hemp wish bracelets


Happy Hour Projects shows you how to make tiny hemp wish bracelets using the same braiding technique you’ve seen on this list before. For these ones, however, you’re sliding the beads into the center of the braid rather than each side.

8. Sliding hemp bracelet


This tutorial from Yes Missy shows you how to create a sliding bracelet that comes one and off easily. The multiple strands also make for an adorable beaded look.

9. 10-minute hemp bracelet


Using a bead with a hollow center lets you loop the hemp through it for easy beading. Quickly braid the rest and you’ll have a bracelet in ten minutes! Happy Hour Projects shows you how to do it.

10. Simply beaded hemp bracelet


This pattern from How To Make Jewelry shows you a great, stylish knotting technique for between beads.

11. Dual colour beaded hemp bracelet


Using two different colours of hemp is a great way to spice up a simple beaded look. Find out how to make this one on Cosplay Supplies.

12. Lacy hemp bracelet


Knot Only Knots has a tutorial to guide you through the process of making this intricate looking lacy hemp bracelet. A big knot at one end and a loop at the other makes it removable!

13. Leather cord hemp weaving


Untrendy Life reminds you that the same macrame knotting techniques you use to make hemp bracelets can be done with leather cord too for a thinner look.

14. Embroidery beaded hemp bracelet


Lines Across has a tutorial that not only teaches you to weave a simple hemp bracelet, but also shows you how to make your own beads from embroidery floss. They look perfect together!

15. Two-coloured woven bracelet

Learning Center shows you a great method for combing two different colours of hemp woven together.

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