DIY Kids’ Bathing Suits

These suits are almost too cute to handle, with polka-dots and flowers galore! If you just found yourself wondering, Well what about my little guy? Make sure to check out our next post and all your questions will be answered!

1. DIY diaper accessible toddler suit


2. Vintage inspired halter kids one-piece

Elsie Marley

3. Printed girls one-piece with matching hairband

Mood Fabrics

4. Cross back bathing suit with a neckline ruffle

Pretty Prudent

5. High waisted and ruffly kids two piece

Julia Faye Davison

6. Easy tied waist boys swim shorts

Colours For Baby

7. Ruffle bust halter one piece

The Girl Inspired

8. Tips and tricks for sewing with bathing suit fabric


9. DIY towel cloth swimsuit cover

 Two Bobbins Later

10. Tank top style swimsuit using an old suit as a guide

No Big Dill

11. T-shirt style leotard that also works as a swimsuit


12. Ruffled neckline two piece tankini


13. Basic baby swimsuit tutorial

Delia Creates!

14. Simple DIY lined swim trunks

Made Everyday

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