DIY Rope Crafts

Rope-Wrapped Plant Pots. Wrap rope around some cheap terra cotta pots and added a touch of left-over paint. The result is a cute outdoor centerpiece! See tutorial for full details here.


DIY Rope-Wrapped Vase


A vase, some ropes, hot glue gun and hot glue are all you need to make this rope-wrapped vase. It will be an amazing table centerpiece with some fall flowers and leaves in.source

DIY Rope-wrapped Lampshade


Transform a boring, plain lampshade into a custom Shade with sisal rope. This is a simple yet novel project.source

DIY Rustic Rug of Jute or Sisal Rope


This rug has a rustic touch and would look ideal near your fireplace or on a veranda. See more here

DIY Nautical Rope Mirrors


This crafty nautical rope mirrors looks so awesome when placed in your bedroom.source

DIY Rope Basket


Get bored with the plain basket from the dollar store? Wrap it with some extra rope in different colors to create this custom rope basket.It absolutely is a guest bedroom budget friendly option.source

DIY Rope Bracelet


This DIY rope bracelet is not only pretty easy to make, but great fashion statements for your wardrobe. Get tutorials here.

DIY Rope Knot Headband


You are always on trend with this rope crocheted shift dresses. This tutorial does a really good job showing you how. source

DIY Beaded Rope Necklace


This beaded rope necklace is super easy and quick to make. You can start by making one as a gift for your beloved daughter or young sister. source

DIY Neon Rope & Chain Necklace


This is a good idea to personalize your own style by wearing this unique neon and chain necklace with rhinestones. It’s really a perfect pair for the denim shirt. See the tutorial here.

DIY Marjorelle Rope Necklace


The similar rope necklace in Anthropologie sells for over $60. This tutorial shows you how to make it for a fraction of the price! It only takes you under $20 bucks. You can saved over $40. source

DIY Rustic Rope Bowl


This rustic bowl made with rope is pretty easy to make. It’s a perfect summer centerpiece. source

DIY Decorative Wine Bottle



Sisal Rope Birdfeeder


This beautiful bird feeder is made from an old tin can and some sisal rope. Wrap the rope around a clean can and bend the lid in half so that the birds can get the food. Then put something for a ledge for the birds to stand on when eating. This project is easy and quick to make. It only takes you about 20 minutes. Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Rope-wrapped Wine Bottles as a wedding Decor


These adorable rope-wrapped wine bottles with the letters to spell LOVE are wonderful for a wedding with flowers in. source

DIY Nautical Rope and Starfish Candle Holder


A plain and common mason jar decorated with the nautical rope and starfish turns to be this chic nautical decor candle holder. source

Black and White Rope-wrapped Plant Stand


Start at the lip of the pot using hot glue along the way and finishing it up with a nice little spiral into the center of the bottom. This project is super easy to make and turns out to a perfect decor of your patio. source

DIY Tire Table with Rope


With little imagination, an ugly tire could become such a beautiful table just with some rope wrapped. See how to make this statement home decor piece here.

DIY Decorative Rope Balls


Use the clothes line rope and boot laces to make these gorgeous decorative balls and ornaments. They looks so great on the tree with other lighting. See more here.

Easy Starfish Rope Wreath


Some rope and a starfish are combined to be this chic and amazing decorative item for your home. Click here for full tutorial.

Rope-twined Tree as a Wall Art


This is another creative idea to use the leftover rope to twine in the shape of the tree.It can be a wonderful wall art for your home decor.source

DIY Coil Rope Bowl


Use your discard rope to create this practical coin bowl. It is perfect for the small items in your bedroom.source

DIY Rope Coaster


This rope woven coaster is very practical and adds sort of nautical charm to your home. Start to create one for your own.source

DIY Square Vases with Rope Wrap



DIY Table Centerpiece with Rope and Mason Jars



DIY Rope Wrapped Drawer Handles



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