DIY String Art Crafts

It isn’t difficult to achieve an impressive finished product using this technique, especially if you choose a shape that has simple outlines. Read on for a step-by-step string art tutorial.

1. “Lady” string art

Craft Like a Lady

2. DIY home state string art


3. Elephant shaped nursery string art

 Erin Spain

4. Kid-friendly string art

Anne Carista

5. “Dream” rainbow string art


6. Simple blossom string art on wood

Creme de la Craft

7. Pretty string art heart card


8. Batman string art

 A Turtle’s Life for Me

9. Spraying elephant sequin and string art

Time Traveller!

10. Mickey Mouse string art

This Fairy Tale Life.

11. Funny moustache string art

Tierra Este

12. DIY snowflake string art

Erin Spain

13. Monogram heart string art

 Artsy Paints

14. Captain America string art


15. Whale tail string art


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