DIY Water Play Projects for Kids

01-water-play-ideas-tutorialsBlue sail. Each child should have his own boat. In order to make this game you need corks of champagne, cut in half lengthwise, a container of water, toothpicks, colored cardboard paper, tape, scissors. The boat is easy to DIY. Use toothpicks to attach the sail and inject them into the cork with the help of adhesive tape. Put the boats in the water and let your baby blow on the sails to direct the movement of the ship. source


Music in the glass. Pour different amounts of water into glass bottles, you can offer your child a wonderful game to play a familiar melody. Tap the glasses with different meterials like spoons, forks, pencils. source


Color Mixing Game. This easy play idea is very interesting for children and taech them a scientific twist on color mixing. What you need for this game are 9 clear cups, 3 squeeze bottles/ cups, 3 empty containers and water in primary colors. Then the little ones can play many, many rounds. source


Communicating vessels game. Make mini-versions of the communicating vessels. Promote capabilities like logic, fluency, variability of thinking and verbal intelligence at the same time when the kids get great fun. source


Oil and water play. This easy play idea is also a little funny science project and all the things you need are probably easy to find at home. source


Frog sensory play and math learning game. This sensory bin is a great way for your kids to explore with their little hands. The lily pads and the logs are cut out of craft foam and then use a sharpie marker to make the lines. source


Kiddie car wash. A very effective way to entertain the kids! It’s a tricycle car wash made of PVC pipe and it’s provided hours and hours of fun! It’s like water heaven for the your kids. source


Bottle cap fine motor play – Promote fine motor skills and beginning measurement with this easy prep water play activity. Great game for toddlers and preschoolers. source


Water bottle fountain. What is better the kids learn with play? Kids enjoy great fun when the air from the balloon pushes the water out through the straw! And this is also a science lesson. Materials you need for this game: empty water bottle, balloon, straw, blu-tac (or similar), tray for catching the water (optional). source


Squirt gun painting. This fun art project is such an awesome summer activity- Hang up a few white sheets on a line. Fill up water guns with different water colors and let the kids make their masterpiece. source


Water and sand game. Fill the box with cotton balls and can, colored pom-poms, shavings, straw, pine needles, pine cones, pebbles and let the baby simply pour the sand into the water. source


Water blaster games. What could be more fun than a friendly game of war at home with your kids? Buy some classic water blasters and let the game begin. source


Plan water Game: Great fun for all children. If you love DIY and want to set up a great water playground in your backyard for your little ones. This fantastic doable idea would give you some inspiration. Learn the tutorial here. source


Paper towel water transfer science experiment for kids. This is a fun and educational science experiment and the kids get so much science fun from this wonderful game. But this takes patience… probably you will wait at least three hours till the water made it through the other cups. source


Water play treasure hunt. Simply put some colored stones in the basin, then look for the treasure with lovely cute shovels.source


PVC pipes. Take a few PVC pipes and random connectors/caps and make holes drilled in random spots. Connect the garden hose shoved in one end and then open the floodgates. source


Water games facilities. The water games facilities give great fun for children and they are both safer, healthier than wading pools. source


Fishing for the alphabet with ping pong balls! This game is simple but creative and this can make the alphabet learning very interesting for little babies. Cool idea! source


Keep your little ones busy. Great for warmer weather fun. Tack PVC bottles and pipes to a wooden post . Add water, get fun! source


Play with bubbles. Children love to play with colorful bubbles and they would never be bored with this game. All you need is one or two containers, water, dish soap (I used Dawn) and a straw. source


Water fun sprinkler. Simply attach the recycled large bottle with drilled holes all over to the garden hose and then the kids can enjoy great fun in summer to run and jump on it. source


Great Water Bed/ Water blob. This is easy and cheap to make and you won’t believe how much fun this is- perfect for kids! source


Feel the rainbow. It just took 10 minutes for the blogger to whip up the huge batch of bubby, puffy, rainbow soap foam fun. source


Paddle pool. This great paddle pool gives the children great fun of boats sailing and it’s very safe since the water level is about 25cm. You need a flat area of 7×8 m for the pool and about 50 square meters of water in the pool. source


Water bombs. Fill balloons with water and you will get great water bombs. source


Sponge water bombs. Nothing beats the heat like the Water Fight, and these Sponge Bombs are sure to get everyone good and wet! The sponges are easy to make. What you need are sponges, scissors, and fishing line. source

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