Earth-Friendly Ways To Recycle Plastic Bags

This collection of ideas offers 20 unique ways in which you can recycle those pesky plastic bags. Transform them into napkin rings, a pair of slippers or even a raincoat…the possibilities will amaze you!

Plastic Bag Slippers– There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and popping your feet into some comfy slippers…especially when you’ve made them yourself!

How To Make An Outdoor Pillow Insert Using Grocery Bags – Make your garden furniture come to life this Summer with some beautiful outdoor pillows! You can make the stuffing for free by recycling your collection of plastic grocery bags.

Tutorial For Fusing Plastic Bags – If you have an iron then you too can fuse plastic bags together! It really is that simple!

Recycled Plastc Bag Coasters – No one likes dirty stains or ring marks on their coffee tables so why not protect them with these fantastic and original DIY coasters!

Fused Plastic Rain Coat – With this simple technique, you can fuse plastic bags together and create your very own homemade rain coat! It’s quick to make and will keep you protected from those sudden downpours!

Plastic Bag Napkin Rings – This fantastic tutorial will show you how to achieve a fancy napkin ring while saving the landfills from one more plastic trash bag!

Beautiful Baskets Made From Plastic Bags – Weave your way to a beautiful basket with this innovative DIY!

How To Make A Garland From Plastic Grocery Bags – Six materials, a spare hour or so and a little bit of craftiness…that’s all you need to complete this decorative garland.

DIY Plastic Bag Jump Rope – The kids will love this one! The rope is a fun and easy way to exercise, and the DIY wont cost you a single dollar!

Recycled Plastic Bag Wreath – Who would have thought that the humble plastic bag could be transformed into something so beautiful?

Make A Re-Usable Grocery Bag – Turning a handful of plastic bags into one durable bag is not only good for the environment but it’s more handy to take shopping too! You can fill it with extra groceries without worrying whether the handles are going to break!

How To Make Plastic Bag Yarn – It may take a bit of time, but learning how to make plastic bag yarn is a skill you can use in plenty of crafting projects!

Plastic Bag Pendant Light – Fresh and contemporary, nobody will ever be able to tell that this pendant light is made from recycled plastic bags! We won’t tell if you don’t!

Recycled Braided Bracelet – Add a personal touch to your jewelry collection with this easy-to-make braided bracelet.

Homemade Plastic Vessels – Cups, pots, bowls…all made from plastic bags!

Plastic Trash Rug – If you’re going to recycle, why not go the whole nine yards and do it with all of your plastic trash? As well as grocery bags, this rug is made up of numerous different types of plastic packaging and the finished result is a work of art!

Handmade Recycled Bag Kite – Let’s go fly a kite…with this easy project! It takes a matter of minutes to make but will keep the kids (and probably the husbands!) amused all weekend!

Flowers Made From Plastic Bags – Whether you want a centerpiece for your table or a string of floral bunting, these flowers will do the job!

Crocheted Grocery Bag Shoes – In need of some Summer sandals? Want an original style that nobody else has? Try these grocery bag shoes! If you already have some crochet knowledge then you’re half-way there!

Recycle Plastic Bags To Make Jewelry Beads – Plastic bags into beads? It may sound like we’ve gone crazy but trust us when we say that this craft is amazing!

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