Easy DIY Lollipops

How to Make Homemade Lollipop. Great and easy tutorials to check out.

1. Clear lollipops with sprinkles

Kelly Senyei

2.Melted candy lollipops with sprinkles

Mess for Less

3. Striped Jolly Rancher lollipops

Thanks, Mail Carrier

4.Monster eye lollipops

Thoughtfully Simple

5. Flower shaped lollipops

Our Blissfully Delicious Life

6.Caramel apple and caramel popcorn lollipops

Sugartown Sweets

7. Butterfly lollipops

The Handmade Home

8.Watermelon blossom lollipops

Made By Michelle Mark.

9. Happy Birthday Suckers

Sugartown Sweets

10.Fun drizzled lollipops

Overtime Cook

11.Love heart lollipops

Kitchen Kneads

12.Homemade sore throat lollipops

Modern Alternative Health

13.Flavoured candy moustache pops

Black Martha

14.Lollipops in less than 5 minutes

I Dig Pinterest

15.Pomegranate lime lollipops

Food Network

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