Fun Crafts & Projects For The Fourth of July

With the blue skies, and the sun glittering down, you’re more than likely planning an outside party for The Fourth of July.

There are a lot of different things to plan when hosting a get together for the holidays. Luckily, we’ve made some of the decorating and preparation easier by putting it all in one spot.

You can also find great projects for kids here too! Not to mention some fun ways to dress up this Independence Day as well. Your upcoming party will be a huge hit with these awesome DIY projects.

Easy Patriotic Luminaries – This cute little lanterns are perfect for your independence day party! Not only do they make a great sidewalk liner, but they’re also very patriotic!

American Flag Mason Jars – These beautiful mason jars, painted in red white and blue, make a beautiful flower pot or center piece. They look great inside or outside.

Fourth of July Bike Clip Art – If you’re really ready to get in the spirit of the holiday, you can decorate your bike! This tutorial is full of art to clip to your bike this Fourth of July.

You’re a Grand Old Flag! – Small plastic flags are great for little kids, but if you really want to decorate your home this Independence Day, you need to try this massive flag out for size!

Patriotic Party Straws – The Fourth of July usually has a pretty big feast. Where there is food, there are certainly drinks begging for these cute little party straws!

4th of July Paper Rosette Wreath – Wreaths are the heart of the Independence Day decorations. Try getting your kids involved this holiday by making a paper wreath instead!

DIY Eraser-Stamped 4th of July Shirt – This shirt is super cute, and really easy to make! Your little ones will look fantastic in this DIY project that’s easy on the wallet.

3 Patriotic Hairstyles – If you really want to go all-out in celebrating The Fourth Of July, you might be decorating yourself too. This great tutorial has 3 hairstyles you can make with garland and other fun decor!

Fourth Of July Cupcake Printables – If you’re making a delicious dessert this upcoming holiday, we’ve got a treat for you! These decorative cupcake wrappers are absolutely adorable.

Painted Bushel Baskets – Bushel baskets are great for just about anything! These patriotic bushel baskets can be used for anything for your Independence Day party.

Painted 4th of July Lawn Stars – Ditch the 4th of July lawn ornaments this year! Try breaking out the spray paint and creating beautiful and spirited stars right on the grass.
Ombre Spray Painted Party Tub – Want to spice up your tub for of ice for your celebration? Try spray painting this gorgeous red, white and blue ombre!

DIY Patriotic Windsock – Windsocks are beautiful additions to the front of every home. Try out this patriotic style windsock, and make your very own!

July Fourth Glitter Tattoos – This project is so much for for the kids! Make glittery tattoos this holiday with just two steps!

DIY Patriotic Tin Cans – If you’re looking for a fun way to set up the buffet for your Independence Day party, this cheap DIY project is perfect for holding items– all in the patriotic spirit!

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