How To Make Something Old New Again

Sometimes we can transform the broken down into something new and surprising.


Book spine bookmark – Some book lovers may have a big problem with this project, but oftentimes older books are simply beyond repair. Give them new life with this very cool reuse.


Old book portable art studio – Again, books are for more than just reading. This project is perfect for those old textbooks no longer used to educate, but which have the required heft to make this idea a success.


Decoupaged map chair – Mixing cartography with utility, this project gives maps new life by glueing them to existing furniture.


Globe light fixture – If you have an old globe looking to be used, this light fixture will ensure the user gets a geography lesson each time he or she uses the light.


Globe light spotlight fixture – Another globe fixture, this spotlight alternative is enough to complete any space in your house looking for some intellectual style and gravitas.


Upcycled drink station – A wayward chest of draws can be transformed into this hip wall bar. It’s stealth is sure to surprise even your most aware guests.


CD jewel case art – Whom alive over the past 30 years doesn’t have a ton of those jewel CD cases packed away in storage? Put them to good use with this adjustable art installation.


Piano bar – Once your piano has outlived its usefulness, this reuse could extend its life another few decades.


Nightstand kitchen – If you have kids, don’t throw out that old nightstand! It can outfit your child’s faux kitchen in the cutest possible way.


Spice rack paint caddy – Once a spice rack starts to look dated, repurpose it in the art room! Just as it kept your spices separated, this paint caddy does a great job of separating and highlighting all the colors in the rainbow.


Reading canopy – If that old papasan chair from the 80s is still gathering dust in your basement, flip the whole thing on its head to create this cozy reading canopy.


Updating dressers – Is your dresser teetering on the verge of irrelevancy? Update it’s look quickly and easily. Simply replacing some paint and pulls can do the job!


Lego table – Make a piece of old furniture your child’s favorite with this lego-inspired redo that mixes furniture with fun!


Small Lego table – Smaller tables are good for the Lego treatment too. This project’s petite size makes it a great for pulling out when it’s time for that playdate.


Refurbish old laptop – We don’t often think of our old technology as a medium to reuse, but considering how much of the stuff we all have laying around, upcycling a laptop to use for a specific purpose – for storing recipes in the kitchen, or to handle your security system – should be on the top of the recycle list.


Nightstand desk – That old desk’s lifespan just got a whole lot longer with this cool idea to transform it into a nightstand.


Coffee table ottoman – Coffee tables go out of style in a flash. When they do, upcycle it into this ottoman piece that will spruce up a slumping living room.


Storage ottoman – If the dresser frame is beyond repair, you can still use the drawers. This approach gives you a place to store stuff in a room that often needs more storage space.


Dye a faded sofa – Don’t buy a new sofa; dye the one you have to breathe life into it.


Chair tree swing – This novel idea is perfect for nonscheduled events, like a family reunion that suddenly is at your place. All the kids get their own swing if you have enough space on a tree branch.


Vintage crib bookshelf – When you baby grows too big for the crib, turn it into this cute bookshelf for your child’s room. This will provide a link to the first pieces of furniture in your child’s life.


Crib toy chest – Speaking of cribs, here’s one converted into a cute toy box.


Old shirt produce bag – Turn that old shirt into a fashionable produce back that will not only have you looking good in the grocery store aisles, but also will cute down on your use of all those plastic grocery bags.


Old denim jeans rug – Jeans too tight or no longer en vogue? Turn them into these awesome rugs to extend its life beyond keeping you clothed.


Rag rug – These genius rag rugs are soft and eye popping. They also are great because they can easily be replaced with another. You won’t lose a wink of sleep if you have to throw one out because the new puppy isn’t yet potty trained.


Suitcase chair – Let’s finish strong with the kookiest item in the collection – a former suitcase converted into a chair. It’s easy to dismiss, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

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