Great Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Old Tires

Instead of throwing them out or letting them sit there making your yard look cluttered, how about turning them into something useful?

1 Tire Stamps

Tire Stamps (via

2 Recycled Rubber Tire Furniture


Recycled Rubber Tire Furniture: Very comfortable and durable Recycled rubber tire furniture. Re-used recycled rubber tires, eco friendly, green furniture. Chairs, tables, stools, and more. Imported fair trade. (via Bali and Beyond)

3 Bike Stand


Bike Stand (via Recyclart)

4 Tire Lounge Chair


Tire Lounge Chair: The tire lounge chair by Ludovic Peperstraete, as the name says, is seating made of the tires! Besides this, even the minutest raw product used for the creation of this elegant lounge chair is recyclable. You read it right, the lounge chair is one… (via HomeTone)

5 Rope Ottoman


Rope Ottoman: Turn a discarded tire into a new favorite foot stool (via This Old House)

6 Base for Succulent Wreath


Base for Succulent Wreath: Garden designer Dawn Isaac created this beautiful child-friendly family garden. (via Fennel and Fern)

7 Tire Outdoor Furniture


Tire Outdoor Furniture (via doronmerav1)

8 Seats Made from Old Tires


Seats Made from Old Tires: My mom kindly offered to look after Baby Bird so that hubby and I could visit the East Coast Radio House & Garden Show in Durbs on Thursday using the tickets I won from Washi Bug last week. We had an awesome morning at the show, checking out what was on offer from big brands (via Clever Bird banter)

9 Frieda La Frog From Recycled Tires


Frieda La Frog From Recycled Tires: more (via Two Women and a Hoe™)

10 Tire Turned Gorgeous Planter


Tire Turned Gorgeous Planter: This planter is gorgeous! It’s hard to believe that it was once an old tire! (via Addicted 2 DIY)

11 Garden Tire Table


Garden Tire Table (via Madcap Frenzy)

12 Half Tire Hammocks


Garden Tire Table (via Madcap Frenzy)

13 Tire Armchair


Tire Armchair (via Say, did you see?)

14 Tire Swing


Tire Swing (via NYC Taught Me)

15 Cool Grass Tire Stools


Cool Grass Tire Stools (via Real WoWz)

16 Tire Totter


Tire TotterTire Totter: What do you get when you combine a recycled car tire, a piece of cedar, some paint and a smiley-face? A Tire Totter of course—and a great project the whole (via MyFixitUpLife): What do you get when you combine a recycled car tire, a piece of cedar, some paint and a smiley-face? A Tire Totter of course—and a great project the whole (via MyFixitUpLife)

17 Tire Chandelier


Tire Chandelier: Bow Berlin is a shop in the west area selling exclusive designs selected by Christian Koban and the tasteful interiors entirely made from repurposed tires. (via inhabitat)

18 Tire Pond


 Tire Pond (via dokuchaevsk)

19 Tire Steps


  Tire Steps (via lehua_mc)

20 Swing Set Tire Ladder


Swing Set Tire Ladder: I don’t have an almost 2-year-old. I have a complete Daredevil. My little guy lives for climbing up on the huge swing set and racing down the slide. This scares a Momma to death. Especially since the ladder that was on the swing set was spaced so far apart that his knee practically … (via Exploring Domesticity)

21 Tire See Saw


Tire See Saw: So you may or may not remember a long, long, long, long time ago, I mentioned I was doing a special project with this: Well, with a little inspiration from this photo: I turned that tire into thes… (via According to Boyle)

22 Tire Rocker and See Saw


Tire Rocker and See Saw (via Barefoot in Paradise)

23 Tire Fountains


Tire Fountains (via Memories Collection)

24 Bar Tables


 Bar Tables: We have seen eco-artists transforming used car tires into arresting artworks in the past. While some created arresting sculptures from them, still others, at times, failed to impress a wandering eye. Eccotrack, a recyclers group from Uruguay has… (via Green Diary)

25Tire Dog Bed


Tire Dog Bed: Turn an old tire into a DIY dog bed! It’s quick and easy to do, and a great way to recycle an old tire! (via Practically Functional)

26 Tire And Yarn Ottoman


Tire And Yarn Ottoman (via That Was A What?)

27 Tire Mirror Frame


Tire Mirror Frame (via Re-Creations Project)


Tire Playground


Tire Playground (via Vida Maravilha)

29 Tire Puff


Tire Puff (via Prana Style)

30 Tractor Ride and Tire Swing


Tractor Ride and Tire Swing (via

31 Tire Climbing Wall


Tire Climbing Wall (via Inspiration Wall)

32 Tire Planter


Tire Planter (via Lemon, Bean and Things)

33 Tire Sandbox


Tire Sandbox: Make a sandbox- learn how to make this sandbox from an old tire. The kids will love this! (via I Heart Nap Time)

34 Repurposed Tires Flower Planters


Repurposed Tires Flower Planters: DIY Tire Planter Tutorial: wall display and hanging in a tree, outdoor flower planter. (via DIY Show Off)

35 Hanging Planter


Hanging Planter (via Pink Hammers and Sippy Cups)

36 Shredded Tire Armor


Shredded Tire Armor (via The Mary Sue)

37 Storage Bin


Storage Bin: Spotted this pic today with no description whatsoever, but what a clever idea. A couple of tires secured together and mounted to a piece of plywood (I’m guessing here) with some casters attached. Another round bit of plywood (again guessing here) to serve as a lid with drawer handle attached. A little spray paint later, and we’d be done. (via Curbly)

38 Tire Coffee Table


Tire Coffee Table: Repurposing my used truck tire into furniture was a great way to put a durable, used item to work for another lifetime.We haven’t had a coffee table… (via Instructables)

39 Tire Obstacle Course


Tire Obstacle Course: DIY Tire Obstacle Course (via FSPDT)

40 Designer Belts


Designer Belts: We have seen eco-artists transforming used car tires into arresting artworks in the past. While some created arresting sculptures from them, still others, at times, failed to impress a wandering eye. Eccotrack, a recyclers group from Uruguay has… (via Green Diary)

41 Garden Planter


Garden Planter (via Grams)

42 Fitness Equipment


Fitness Equipment (via Stephen Mackay)

43 Outdoor Chair


Outdoor Chair: Make an old tire in to a handy piece of outdoor or indoor furnishing . Make a seat in under 60 minutes by constructing and sewing with tire. Creation posted by Kay Bay. in the Home + DIY section Difficulty: 4/5. Cost: No cost. (via Cut Out and Keep)

44 Tire Climber


Tire Climber: “You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.” ~Author Unknown (although some sources will try to tell you it was Dr. Seuss) Today we are continuing on in our outdoor play space improvements. But this project, though it looks fabulous, is NOT for the (via My Small Potatoes)

45 Tire Hose Caddy


Tire Hose Caddy: Here’s a cheap and easy way, using one of our favorite junk building materials–used tires, to keep that hose from trippin’ you up in the back yard.Cut out the sidewall of one side of a tire using a sabre saw. You could use a sharp knife, but electricity makes this task a lot easier. (via Root Simple)

46 arden Stool


Garden Stool: We are offering you 3 amazing DIY garden projects to make this summer. A colourful shade cloth for the backyard that will offer you sun protection and privacy. To turn an old tire in a beautiful garden stool. And a garden chair that was once a plastic fruit crate. (via DIY Enthusiasts)

47 Tire Swing


Tire Swing: DIY – Old Fashioned Tire Swing – If you have a large tree in your yard and some kids who enjoy swinging, here is a fun and relatively inexpensive project for yo (via Hometalk)

48 A Trug


A Trug: A what? It’s halfway between a bowl and a basket, usually made of wood. Traditionally used in British gardens to carry the harvest in.Here’s the Oxf… (via Instructables)

49 Coffee Lounge with Pirelli Tires


Coffee Lounge with Pirelli Tires (via Vittorio Vittori)

50 Planters with Cinder Block Plinth


Planters with Cinder Block Plinth (via Shoestring Pavilion)

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