Great Uses For Your Ice Cube Trays

There are a million different kinds of ice cube trays out there, so I thought I’d begin by sharing a few the ones I use at home.

1. Organize makeup

At Lane & High

2. Make herb ice cubes

DIY Projects

3. Make sugar hearts

Craft Me Not

4. Make ice cube tray sushi


5. Make dishwasher soap tabs

One Good Thing by Jillee

6. Make flower ice cubes

DIY Projects

7.  Make votive candles

 Paper n’ Stitch

8. Make chunky rainbow crayons

The Chaos and The Clutter

9. Make resin magnets

The BB Creative

10. Make a seed starter

Mr Brown Thumb

11. Make your own portioned baby food

 Help Me Grow Utah

12. Make chocolate ice cubes


13. Ice cube tray cement dominoes

Lovely Indeed

14. Make DIY bath bombs

Eat, Knit, and DIY

15. Make aloe vera cubes for sunburns

The Dumbbelle

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