How To Craft With Straws

Yes, even old drinking straws can be put to good use and you won’t believe the unique creations you can make with them!

1. Drinking straw starburst ornaments

Creative Jewish Mom

2. Straw snowflake ornaments

Unify Handmade

3. Paper straw flower vase

Amy Krist

4. Paper straw frames

Creative Bag

5. Straw, paper, and button pinwheel

Craft and Creativity

6. Paper straw framed monogram

The Crafty Swedes

7. Straw blown paintings

 The Imagination Tree

8. Fabric and paper straw bracelet

Mama Miss!

9. Paper straw party blowers

 Sugar Bee Crafts

10. Linked drinking straw necklace

The Crafty Sisters

11. Straw rockets

Simply Play Ideas

12. Quick and easy hanging paper straw photo frames

The Tom Kat Studio

13. Paper straw and washi tape party favour bags

Cute Tape

14. Pastel paper straw wreath


15. Cute straw cupcake toppers

Icing Designs

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