How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter is such a good opportunity to celebrate so many things at once! Besides the holiday itself, we also love to use Easter as an opportunity to welcome springtime and warmer weather. We also happen to think that Easter decor and colour schemes are absolutely adorable and we love that so many things can be handmade or created at home!

1. Glitter eggs

Bright, fun colours are definitely a key part of both springtime and Easter decor, but are you the kind of flashy styled person who likes to take things even further when it comes to anything visual? Then we think perhaps you’ll fall just as hard in love with this egg decorating idea from BHG as we did. The concept is simple: cover the entire egg in coloured glitter for maximum sparkle power!

2. Sprinkle eggs

Do you love the idea of covering your Easter egg in something a little bit unconventional and textured but you’d rather not cover your entire home in glitter trying to make them sparkle just right? Then Studio DIY suggests using sprinkles instead! Yes, you read that correctly; the same colourful sprinkles that you’d spatter across the top of a cupcake make an awesome Easter egg craft.

3. Glow in the dark eggs

Are your kids going through an awesome space or dinosaur phase where they’re obsessed with the idea of other-worldly creatures hatching from eggs rather than cute little animals like baby chicks? Then get them really interested in your Easter crafts by helping them make awesome glow in the dark eggs instead! The process is similar to your classic egg dying technique and Growing a Jeweled Rose is here to guide you through it.

4. Painted eggs

Maybe you’re the kind of patient and artistic person who prefers to paint things by hand and create your own colour combinations and designs with a little more control? Well, no one says you can’t just straight up paint the shells of your Easter eggs, so go ahead and give it a try! We love the pastel colour palette Paper n’ Stitch stuck to while painting theirs.

5. Gold foil silhouette egg

Have you always been a big fan of things that look like liquid cold? If you ask us, the more metallic, the better! It can be hard to get that true gold look with things like gold paint because they often dry more matte than you’d like to see. That’s why Babble suggests using gold foil instead! Their tutorial shows you all the steps you’ll need for affixing the foil to the surface of your Easter egg’s shell.

6.  Intricate black and white eggs

Have you ever used the wax crayon method for drawing sayings and designs on your Easter eggs before you due them? That’s kind of a similar process to how these gorgeously and intricately patterned black and white eggs featured on Only But a Glimpse were created! Using white or clear wax stops the dye or paint from clinging to certain parts of the shell and that’s where your pretty patterns will come from.

7. Washi tape eggs

Are you looking for a way to decorate eggs with your family that’s not only quick and easy but also close to mess free? Then put down the dyes and paints for now and instead grab some brightly coloured or patterned washi tape and some scissors! Lovely Indeed suggests cutting the tape into geometric pieces and sticking them onto your egg’s shell to create all kinds of fun designs!

8. Ombre dyed eggs

Perhaps you’d actually like to use the classic Easter egg dying method but you’re just looking for a colour combination or design to do that’s a little more stylish or unconventional than what you’ve done in previous years? Then try playing with the intensity of your dye to get lighter and darker tones of the same shade! We love this pink ombre created by Sugar and Charm and you’ll be surprised by how easy the effect is to recreate.

9. Doily stencil eggs

Do you love the idea of creating intricate patterns on your Easter eggs like we talked about above but you’re not confident in your ability to make small enough details with the wax or crayon? Then try this doily stencil method from Urban Comfort instead! Dye your eggs a subtle shade first and then place a paper doily against the shell and painted over it so the negative space in the lace pattern creates pretty dotted designs on the shell instead!

10. Golden marbled eggs

Did you love the idea of using shining gold to design a very chic Easter egg but you’re not sure you’re quite ready to try the foil method? Then metallic paint is still a fantastic option, especially if you follow this awesome tutorial on She Knows. Rather than simply painting the entire eggs gold or even sponging the paint on, they suggest dying each egg a different shade and then applying the paint in a marbled effect on top for accent.

11. Botanical stencil eggs

Perhaps the idea that’s stuck out to you the most so far is the stenciling idea but lace is a little too fancy for your tastes? Try creating a stencil around a shape instead! We’re absolutely in love with the way this Martha Stewart tutorial suggests sticking a small leaf or plant to the surface of the egg shell and painting or dying around it so that when you peel the leaf off, its silhouette is left amidst the colour in a crisp, lovely white. This idea is particularly perfect for welcoming spring into your home!

12. Geometric design eggs

We already talked about a few different methods for creating different lined and geometric shaped designs on the shells of your Easter eggs, but this one might be the most fun. Use strips of tape in different thicknesses to mark off certain woven patterns across your egg and then dip the egg into different coloured dyes. Once the egg is dry, peel the tape off and check out the awesome stripes you’ve created! See the technique in more detail on Indiefixx.

13. Subway art eggs

Have you every seen the creative fonts and lettering that advertisements, posters, and subway signs use when you take your city’s train? Well, Lil’ Luna is here to show you how to harness the kitschy pop culture look of those signs onto your Easter eggs! Use the same silhouetted stencil technique as the botanical eggs we talked about above, but this time with creatively shaped letter stickers. The message you stick down will appear in white within the coloured dye when you peel the stickers off!

14. Flower and ribbon eggs

Perhaps you’ve already dyed your eggs but now you’ve decided that they still need a little something to make them even fancier than they already are? Then grab some cute spring flowers and some ribbons in different colours and styles and dress your eggs up! BHG shows you exactly how to create an Easter egg design that’s a perfect blend with a cute springtime decor aesthetic.

15. Glitter dot eggs

Are you still thinking about the awesome glitter eggs we talked about at the very beginning of this post but you’re not sure you actually have enough glitter to sparkle the entire eggs? Then just do sections of them instead! We love the way A Pumpkin and A Princess created simple glittery polka dots in different colours all over their eggs. You could even make rainbow eggs by making each dot on a single egg a different colour!

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