How To Have A Wasp Free Summer

1. Essential Oils. Of course, in years past you may have scrambled down to the hardware store, seeking the latest poison or mixture, each promising to drive out any wasps, hornets, or bees. Those days are over.Heavy chemicals aren’t going to cut in around your living space, so it’s reasonable to turn to naturally derived, less-harsh repellents. Essential oils are effective enough to bridge the gap.01-Effective-Ways-To-Have-A-Wasp-Free-Summer


2. Flowers and Plants

Why not bring your love for gardening to bear on your insects pests? Through strategic planning, your own yard could yield enough repellent to drive wasps away. That’s doing it with utility and style.


3. Fool Them By Building Hives

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? In this case, instead of joining them, we fool them, building replicas of nests which range from simple to beautifully complex. The lesson is, sometimes it’s easier to fool a foe than to beat him over the head.


4. Quick, cheap repellant

Planning ahead is great and all, but it does you no good when you fail to actually do it. No need to worry, though, as there is a way to repel wasps with ease using something you might already have in your fridge or garden.


5. Block Entrances

Wasps nesting in the ground are a whole other problem. But, your outlook will improve when you learn there is a rather simple remedy.


6. Make your own trap

If you’ve had it with the little buggers, and some of the other approaches just haven’t worked out, there’s another method that might do the job. And it uses things you can find in your kitchen and workbench.


7. Homemade Wasp Trap

Again, sometimes drastic times require drastic measures. Unfortunately, that means there is going to be some collateral damage. Make up for it by planting a bush that sustains a threatened bird, or build a bat house (they are great at eating bugs!).

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