How To Make Cinder Block Fire Pits

You have many options for the fire pit’s construction material, but cinder blocks are less expensive than bricks or flagstones, and they are simple to use. Build either a temporary or permanent fire pit in one of several shapes.

1. Multi-coloured square cinder block fire pit

Cliff’s How To Channel

2. Safe cinder block fire pit on a budget

Budget 101

3. Cinder block and gravel detail fire pit


4. Rounded cinder block fire pit

Keep It Simple Crafts

5. Stone topped cinder block fire pit

Carole Knits

6. Upcycled truck wheel and block fire pit


7. Rectangular fire pit and bench

Attachment Prone

8. Giant cinder block and stone fire pit

 Tools 2 Tiaras

9. Easy cinder block fireplace with grilling cover


10. Cinder block meat smoking pit

Texas Barbecue!

11. Outdoor cinder block cooking station


12. Safe sand filled cinder block fire pit

 Horsey Peeps

13. Large cinder block rotisserie pit


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