How To Mend Or Alter Your Clothing

There is evidence that hand-stitching is associated with the release of serotonin in the brain so it is likely to make you feel good too.

The first thing you need to decide is if something is worth mending or if there is another option for the garment.

1. How to sew a basic hand seam

Wonder How To.

2. How to hem dress pants

Summers Acres.

3. How to hem jeans but keep the original hemline

LW Vogue

4. How to shorten cuffed sleeves

Threading My Way

5. How to alter a bra band

Walking With Dancers

6. How to take in a pencil skirt

It’s Always Autumn

7. How to patch and lengthen children’s pants

 Sew is Me

8. How to make DIY maternity pants

Whats Up Moms.

9. How to make a fitted maxi skirt from trousers

Cotton and Curls

10.  How to refashion a sweater into a cardigan

Shannon Sews

11. How to sew quickly by hand without using a machine

Wonder How To

12. How to make a lace dress from a t-shirt top

All Day Chic

13. How to take in the waistband of jeans

Sewing Rabbit.

14. How to replace a broken jeans zipper

The Spruce Crafts

15. How to repair broken seams

Love Your Tailor

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