How To Reuse Your Instant Coffee Pods

Check out the amazing creations below and hack into your coffee pod’s true potential.

1 Bohemian Sandals- From K-Cup Filters


Bohemian Sandals- From K-Cup Filters (via Shades of Tangerine)

2 K-cup Poinsettia Ornament


K-cup Poinsettia Ornament (via Make It Easy Crafts)

3 Frankenstein K-Cups


Frankenstein K-Cups: These Frankenstein treat cups are frighteningly cute aren’t they? If you are looking for a fun way to take treats to your child’s class or to fill and set out (via Celeb Baby Laundry)

4 K-Cup Lanterns


K-Cup Lanterns: Upcycle a K-cup into a glowing lantern for Halloween. It is easy enough for the kids to make with only a few basic supplies. (via Handmade Kids Art)

5 K-Cup Skeleton Halloween Favor


K-Cup Skeleton Halloween Favor (via Make It Easy Crafts)

6 K-cup Flower


K-cup Flower: Weekly local newsletter of kid-friendly events and activities. (via Macaroni Kid)

7 K-cup Witches Brooms


K-cup Witches Brooms: I am always on the hunt for cute and inexpensive ideas for holiday decor, and I really like to find ways to reuse things from around the home. Being a big coffee drinker I always have a ton of leftover K-Cups that have been begging to be repurposed. I have them in black, white and (via Domestic Mommy Hood)

8 K-cup Countdown Calendar


K-cup Countdown Calendar: Let me start by saying I am more than excited about this project. Like a lot of people, we are always over run with Halloween candy this time of year. We usually make ourselves an advent calendar (or countdown calendar, whatever you want to call it) with the candy out… (via Whatever Works)

9 K-cup Graduation Caps


K-cup Graduation Caps (via Practips)

10 K-cup Stampers


K-cup Stampers: These homemade stampers are so easy to make and they’re uber customizable. You can use them for pretty much anything, but my favorites are to let your child draw a small picture and you can transfer it to the stamper- saving their art forever! Or use them as personalized stampers… (via Entirely Smitten)

11 Nespresso Caps Garland


Nespresso Caps Garland: This is not a secret, Nespresso is an opening of all the senses ! Relish a cup of coffee to bewitching fragrances: that’s a real pleasure. These pretty gold capsules is the accumulation of an additional waste. Some people are conscientious and brings their used capsules back and other people throw i (via RecyclArt)

12 K-cup Seed Starter


K-cup Seed Starter: My mother came up with this fantastic idea to reuse her K-cups instead of just throwing them out. (and goodness knows we use enough of them around her… (via Instructables)

13 Hanging K-cup Planters


Hanging K-cup Planters: In the last few years, single cup coffeemakers like the Keurig have become increasingly popular, but throwing away a plastic cup every time you brew can make even the most savvy environmentalist fe… (via Off The Beaten Path)

14 String Up Lights


String Up Lights: Recycling & Crafting with K-Cups is easy when you use the Recycle A Cup to separate the K-Cup Pieces. Use coffee pods guilt free! (via Today’s Creative Blog)

15 Confetti Poppers


Confetti Poppers: Love coffee? Come check out the new McCafe coffee, available at Walmart. Then, come see how to upcycle Coffee Pods into Confetti Poppers! (via The Tip Toe Fairy)

16 Refill Your K-cups with Your Favorite Ground Coffee


Refill Your K-cups with Your Favorite Ground Coffee: My wife Elly and I love the convenience of our Kuerig coffee machine, and we love the fact that it’s lasted longer than any other coffee machine that we’ve owned. The problem is that buying the k-cups that the machine is designed to use is… (via Hubpages)

17 K-cup Snowman


K-cup Snowman (via Make It Easy Crafts)

18 K-cup Mobile


K-cup Mobile: A few months ago, my husband and I debated over whether or not to purchase a Keurig. We liked the idea and convenience of having this coffee machine, but our biggest concern was the environmental impact caused by the K-Cups. You can check out the Keurig website to see what their company is doing to (via Kids Activities Blog)

19 K-cupsicles


K-cupsicles (via Experiment Mom)

20 Mini K-Cup Bushel Basket


Mini K-Cup Bushel Basket: Recycle K-cups the crafty way! You can make these mini k-cup bushel baskets to put on your knick-knack shelf and add some whimsy to your kitchen. This craft is a great way to use up those mounting k-cups. (via Favecrafts)

21 Easter Egg Cups


Easter Egg Cups (via Sew Many Ways)

Easter Egg Cups (via Sew Many Ways)


K-cup Accessory Organizer (via Sew Many Ways)

23 K-cup Trinket Box


K-cup Trinket Box: Being that I am (still) addicted to coffee, the K-cups keep coming. Today I was in the mood for a somewhat mindless instant gratification kind of craft (as opposed to dress making and such) so I pulled out my old K-Cups and created 3 new ideas! Read on to see… (via Entirely Smitten)

24 Sound Memory Game + Craft


Sound Memory Game + Craft: I love coffee. More than the average person, I think. It all started about a year ago when Hubs came home with a Keurig. Since then I’ve been known to describe my day by how many cups; e.g. “Oh god, it’s definitely gonna be a three-cupper.” Life for me is… (via Entirely Smitten)

25 K-cup Pin Cushion


K-cup Pin Cushion: Want to know how to recycle K-Cups into cute crafts? Check out this idea and make a K-Cup flower pin cushion. What a cute way to recycle K-Cups and store your pins. (via Favecrafts)

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