How To Store Your Yarn

Whether you’re a beginner learning how to keep you new yarn tidy, or an experienced crafter with a stash that feel like it’s out of control, these tips will help you organize your yarn and focus on the fun part: making beautiful projects!

1. Diamond shaped cubby shelves

Repeat Crafter Me

2. Peg board and pegs for yarn cakes

Knits for Life

3. Stacked crate yarn shelves

Make and Do Crew

4. Yarn stored in CD and DVD shelves


5. Organized, labelled tubs on shelves


6. Vintage suitcase scrap yarn pile


7. Small ends wrapped in an egg carton

DIY Network

8. Small yarn ends in clothespins

Organizing Made Fun

9. Stacked basket towers

Arian Armstrong

10. Wall mounted basket shelves

Red Berry Crochet

11. Needle and basket yarn spinner

Crochet Rockstar

12. Tips for sensical stash organization

Jaime D. Designs

13. Sample info stash scrapbook

Look At What I Made

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