How To Use Your Mismatched Cutlery

There are many ways to embrace and/or mask the fact that your kitchen makes use of a wide variety of serving ware and silverware designs, so own what you own, and try one of these ideas when you’re scheming your table settings for the next big friends/family/holiday feast.

1. Bent fork egg cup

Make Fun Creating.

2. Bent spoon cupboard handles

Homesteading and High Adventures

3. Spoon flower garden ornament


4. Stamped spoon herb garden markers

A Cultivated Nest

5. Silverware wind chime


6. Silverware lampshade

DIY Showoff

7. Vintage fork napkin rings

Brooklyn Limestone.

8. Fork photo holder

 Pretty Handy Girl

9. Old fork bracelet


10. Ladle succulent planter

 Home Road

11. Kitchen tool votive holders

La Belle Assiette

12. Bent and stamped spoon coat rack


13. Pretty fork bangle

The Beading Gem

14. Fork place card holders

Smarty Had a Party

15. Vintage spoon table numbers

Green Wedding Shoes

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