Neighbors Kept Getting Items Stolen Until They Caught The Weird Culprit: A Cat.

Residents in a neighborhood of San Mateo, California, were uneasy. Items kept going missing from their homes without any reasonable explanation. Was there a thief in their midsts? Or worse, a sticky-finger poltergeist? The residents and local authorities were eager to put an end to all of the robberies, so cameras were set up throughout the neighborhood. They were determined to catch the cat burglar, whoever it was. Or whatever it was.

As it turns out, the cameras DID catch the culprit in the act.


But it wasn’t a human. This was a literal cat burglar.


He was busy at work all through the night, trotting out to steal various items.


His name is Dusty. His owners, Jim Coleman and Jean Chu, knew he brought some miscellaneous items home.


In fact, they have piles and piles of his “presents.”


They just didn’t realize the 600+ items were from their neighbors’ homes.


In just one evening, Dusty visited 11 homes and brought home gifts to his owners. You have to see this cat burglar in action yourself:

Dusty was just doing what came natural to all cats. At night, he let his predatory instincts take over. Instead of bringing home mice and birds, though, he found easier prey. This kitty REALLY loves his mommy and daddy. Share his sweet (but thieving) antics with others by clicking on the button below.

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