Original Ways to Reuse Empty Shampoo Bottles

All these DIY craft ideas require very less time and can be prepared without spending extra bucks. Besides, these crafts are just another way to save our mother Earth. So, don’t throw away your plastic bottles for it harms our habitat.

1 Toy Shampoo Monster

Toy Shampoo Monster (via Estéfi Machado)

2 Multi-purpose Holder


Multi-purpose Holder: Do not throw away all empty lotion/Shampoo bottles. Reuse it and make Multi-purpose holders. You can use the holder for charging cell phones or for o… (via Instructables)

3 Pencil Organizers


Pencil Organizers (via Made in Mommyland)

4 Door Knob “Mailbox”


Door Knob “Mailbox”: Try recycled Valentine’s Day ideas instead of buying new — like turning an empty shampoo bottle into a door knob mailbox! (via Crafting a Green World)

5 Use to Hide Valuables


Use to Hide Valuables: Sometimes simple is better, but when it comes to foiling a would-be robber, you need to think about creative ways to secure your valuables in places and objects where they simply wont think to look. Whether youre at home, in… (via SafeWise)

6 Bowling with Shampoo Bottles


Bowling with Shampoo Bottles (via Pra Gente Miúda)

7 Toy Airplanes


Toy Airplanes (via Vila do Artesão)

8 Sink Saddle Caddy


Sink Saddle Caddy: How to Repurpose a Shampoo Bottle into a DIY Sink Saddle Caddy. More upcycling ideas like a brochure holder, business card holder, kid’s boat, or toothbrush (via Eve of Reduction)

9 Little Bags


Little Bags: DIY, lets recycle shampoo bottles and make beautiful small bags. (via pysselbolaget)

10 Bottle Boat


Bottle Boat (via Guerrilla Innovation)

11 Handy Caddy


Handy Caddy (via Unilever)

12 Shampoo Bottle Wreath


Shampoo Bottle Wreath (via 365 days 365 Do It Yourself projects (No money spend))

13 Pen Holder


Pen Holder: Love to recycle waste bottles around at home? Here is how I carried out a shampoo bottle recycle craft with minimal supplies. (via The Crafty Angels)

14 Monstrously Fun Pencil Holders


Monstrously Fun Pencil Holders (via P&G Everyday)

15 Bathroom Storage


Bathroom Storage: I have a couple factors working against me with keeping my kids bathroom counter tidy. 1) they don’t have have anywhere to put their toothbrushes and toothpaste besides the cabinet behind the mirror. 2) the cabinet behind the mirror is out of sight, out of mind. Therefore I need storage that’s out of the way, (via Eve of Reduction)

16 Cell Phone Charger Holder


Cell Phone Charger Holder (via Vintage Zest)

17 Hanging Storage Bins


Hanging Storage Bins: In case you saw my quickie post yesterday, and read where I mentioned Id be back on later in the day..ACK, sorry about that!! Whew, what a whirlwind of a day. Today too, for that matter. I should know better than to put a time frame in writing. Because something will for sure come up! (via Make It and Love It)

18 Upcycle Plastic Bottles into a Cool Mobile


Upcycle Plastic Bottles into a Cool Mobile (via Emergin Creatively Jewelry Tutorials)

19 Recycled Owls


Recycled Owls: We re-use plastic bottles and make turn them in to cool owls. (via pysselbolaget)

20 Shampoo Dino


Shampoo Dino: When my son went to a dino-party where they forgot the dinos, I decided to use whatever I could find to make some right on the spot.I started carving… (via Instructables)

21 Shampoo Bottle Case


Shampoo Bottle Case (via Don’t Eat the Paste)

22 Holder for Charging Cell Phone


Holder for Charging Cell Phone: An easy tutorial to make a Holder for Charging Cell Phone made from a lotion bottle! Brilliant! (via Make It and Love It)

23 Sponge Holder


Sponge Holder: At my house we have a missing sponge issue– you know, when the sponge gets lost among the huge pile of dishes. My roommate and I went to the store hoping to find a solution, but all we found were overpriced sponge holders. I realize $10-$20 is not a lot for some people, but when you’re on a tight budget, it’s too much for a silly sponge holder!I decided I would make our own holder. I had an empty shampoo bottle, so I went on Pinterest for some inspiration. When I found Make It and Love It’s Holder for Charging a Cell Phone that was made from a lotion bottle, I thought, “I could hang my sponge from the faucet of the sink!” Here’s how you can make your own (via Crafting a Green World)

24 Small Purse


Small Purse (via Utopia)

25 Sink Extender


Sink Extender (via Mama Weetjes)

26 Tissue Paper Holder


Tissue Paper Holder (via kreativ)

27 Use It as Water Balloon Pump


Use It as Water Balloon Pump: Household re-purpose: water balloon pump. Use a common item to make filling water balloons easy! Even for kids! DIY water balloon pump. (via Find It, Make It, Love It)

28 Little Purse


Little Purse: These fabulous purses are so adorable that even I have a hard time believing that they originally were slated for the recycle bin. This project d… (via Instructables)

29 Monster Pencil Holders


Monster Pencil Holders (via Madame Criativa)

30 Plastic Bottle Organizers with Embroidered Details


31 Upcycled Jewellery


Upcycled Jewellery (via wimwom handmade jewellery)

32 Modern Necklace


Modern Necklace (via 21centurydressmakers)

33 Flower Vase


Flower Vase (via The Craft-Arty Kid)

34 Soap Dish


Soap Dish (via Wildcraft Vita)

35 Flower Vase

Flower Vase (via Craft-Werk)

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