How To Repurpose Your Empty Wine Bottles

We know how hard it can be to get rid of those empty wine bottles. They are so pretty and you might need them for something later. But until that time they just take up space. So what can you do with them?

Well, we have solved that problem. We searched for some of the best and stylish uses for wine bottles after their contents has been enjoyed. From light fixtures to candles to bird feeders – you are sure to find a project here that will spark your creative side!

How To Remove Bottle Labels – To start off we should cover how to remove labels from wine bottles cleanly and quickly. This tutorial seems to be the simplest and quickest tutorial we could find! This would work for any style of glass bottle with a label on it.

Etched Wine Bottles – These etched wine bottles are gorgeous! And relatively easy – involving only some stencils and “etching cream”. You could use any stencil design that you wanted for any kind of look!

Yarn Wrapped Bottles – Yarn wrapped wine bottles create a rustic and cute look for any centerpiece. We found many different looks while searching for these but this was the best tutorial we could find…though there were a set of bright rainbow bottles that called to us.

Wall Vase – These would make a gorgeous addition to any home decor and it would be super easy to change out the flowers (or plants) for different seasons or occasions. This is one of our favorite projects!

Wine Bottle Torch – Make these charming torches for your outdoor space! We found a bunch of different tiki torch-styled designs but this easy to follow tutorial had the best direction.

Wine Bottle Ombre Glitter – Glitter is always a fun time but make this gorgeous ombre glittered wine bottle and everyone will know that you take your glitter seriously! Mix and match colors for a fun, personalized touch.

Wine Bottle Necklace Holder – This cute, simple necklace holder is a great use for a wine bottle. It makes for such an attractive addition to a jewelry display!

Jute Knot Bottles – If you are looking for a true nautical touch, look no further than these stunning bottles! Reminiscent of fishing net floaters (the glass globes tied to fishing nets) these would make an attractive addition to any beach-themed display!

Galaxy Bottles – This tutorial video is easy to follow and we’ve seen them created in wine bottles – they were absolutely stunning! Check out some other color combinations to create the look that you love!

Glitter Wine Bottles – More glitter! Seriously, for a sophisticated party these would look excellent. Mix up gold and silver for a classy look!

Wine Bottle Chandelier – This simple chandelier is so fun and customizable! Guess what? It is super easy too! Just cut the bottle to your desired length and coat with Modge Podge sheer colors paints! These are seriously the coolest paints.

Painted Wine Bottle – White paint, a sponge, and a q-tip are all you need to make this lovely little bottle. Try it with different colors and patterns for more fun looks!

Wine Bottle Candles –  Create your own candles using cut wine bottles and some beeswax! It’s fun and easy and you can even add scents for a fun gift to give out for the holidays.

Wine Bottle Planters – These self-watering planters are amazing! Great for small plants or starting some sprouts in the spring, try making your own today!

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder – Build this cute bird feeder with a wine bottle and a wooden frame. This would make a great gift to the bird lover in your life!

“Beach Glass” Wine Bottles – Create “beach glass” bottles with this easy tutorial! This are truly stunning and would make a great centerpiece or display.

Wine Bottle Shelves – Wine bottle shelves! What?! Use your empty wine bottles to create a unique, striking shelf for your house!

Metallic Wine Bottles – Last but not least, spray paint your empty wine bottles with metallic spray paint and use them as candle holders for a romantic, classy display!

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