Simple And Easy DIY Button Crafts

From vintage button garland or button calendar to DIY lampshade or cast resin paperweight, the possibilities for crafting and creating with buttons are endless.


Simple and Cute Button Bookmarks. A simple and easy back to school themed project idea to get the kids involved with. All you do is hot glue your paper clip to the back of your button and then cut a small piece of felt to go on top. The felt will keep the glue sealed in and leave a smooth finish. source


Button Headband. A great project for girls to teach them about sewing on buttons. They turned out simply adorable and kids’ smiling faces display their pride. source


Solar System With Button Planets. A fun and educational project idea for kids. Each button has relative size and different color. source


Vintage Button Garland. Wrap the garland around a flameless candle and tie it in a bow on the back. A cute and fun decorating idea. source


Upcycled Button Wreath. A cute wreath made from a bunch of colored buttons and decorated with matching fabric flowers. source


Perpetual Button Calendar. Make it once, and you can use it forever – just move the numbers to their correct location each month, and change the nameplate. source


Calendar Made From Fabric Covered Buttons. What a fantastic craft idea. source


Graduation Cap Decorated with Button Balloon. source


Owl Craft Made From Buttons. source


DIY Button Clock. A great idea for repurposing old buttons. This would make a great addition to a kid’s room or a craft room. source


Button Lampshade. Creative way to embellish your lampshade with colorful buttons. Cute idea for a girl’s room or craft room. source


Button Bike Greeting Card. A simple and sweet card idea for your best friends. source


Bike Crafts Made From Wires and Buttons. A cute gift idea to turn them into bracelets or necklaces. source


Home Decor Button Bowl and Tray. source


Rainbow Colored Button Number. A cute party decorating idea for kids. Perfect for a festive event to anniversary or graduation. source


Cast Resin Paperweights and Coasters. These little paperweights and coasters are really cute as teacher gifts. source


Button Heart Scrapbook. Romantic decor and gift idea for your boyfriend. source


Sweet Covered Button Hair Ties for Girls. source


Button Garland. A cute idea to dress up plain wrapping paper and used as ribbons on presents. source


Bookmark Made From Ribbon, hair band elastic and Button. It would work great as a headband too. source


Button Napkin Rings. A great way for kids to help prepare for a big meal or gathering. source


DIY Button Bowl. Glue buttons around a balloon. When they dry pop the balloon and you’ll have a button bowl. A creative idea to use it to hold some light objects such as candies, chocolates, accessories, tissues and so on. source


Button Mirror Frame. Use your collection of buttons to make a unique frame for a mirror. It’s an easy and crafty project that allows you to personalize your home. source


Button Flowers in Thread Spool Vases. They are decorated with bits of ribbon or vintage sewing supplies. source


Button and Yarn Snowman. Just a few buttons, a piece of ribbon and some yarn can make such a cute snowman. A easy and fun craft idea for kids who love sewing and weaving. source

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