The Best DIY Fall Leaf Projects

Here are 20 simple and easy DIY fall leaf projects to do with friends or family!

1. Leaf Crown

Hop on over to Hello Natural and learn how to create this adorable fall leaf crown! Dress up the kids or yourself in this festive and fun new accessory!

2. Folded Paper Leaves


Happy Clippings shows us how to make these easy folded paper leaves. And then you can do whatever you’d like with them, including create some festive garland!

3. Leaf Bowl


DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

Go follow the step-by-step tutorial at Design Rulz and learn how to make one of these leaf bowls yourself. Use them to spruce up the house throughout the season.

4. Leaf Mask


The kiddos will love this one – and may even want to help out with the creation. Check out this DIY for a fall leaf mask now over at Small + Friendly.

5. Falling Leaves Frame


Mod Podge Rocks make this adorable falling leaves frame. We love how easy this project is for adding festivity around the house!

6. Leaf Cupcake Toppers


How about topping off some seasonal cupcakes with these leaf topper from Momtastic. Get creative in the kitchen and jump over to learn how!

7. Leaf Garland


Check out this gorgeous leaf garland from Minted! Use it to decorate for the season or your next big celebration – from showers to weddings!

8. Dotted Leaves


The kids will love getting their hands dirty for this project. Sort out an afternoon for some arts and crafts and make these dotted leaves like Handmade Charlotte!

9. Leaf Confetti


Grow Creative did something quite genius. Take some leaves from the backyard, grab your paper punches and make some fantastic confetti out of it to decorate tables or decorate your next seasonal event!

10. Glitter Leaves


Check out what Typically Simple did! Grab the glitter and sparkle up some of those leaves you have floating around the yard.

11. Leaf Animals


Ko-Ko-Ko Kids used leaves to turn them into animals! This is one of our favorites for the kids and you can get so creative with it!

12. Watercolor Leaf Painting


Over at Craftaholics Anonymous you can learn how to recreate one of your very own watercolor leaf paintings. Isn’t this beautiful!?

13. Felt Leaves


A Beautiful Mess shows us how to make leaves out of felt! Then you can blend them together to make garland to throw around the house and decorate for autumn!

14. Leaf Centerpiece


You can always incorporate some leaves into your fall centerpieces. And with this project from HGTV you’ll have a beautiful, handmade design in no time.

15. Leaf Wreath


HGTV Gardens made a wreath out of real leaves! Take a cue from their book and decorate with a more organic style this fall.

16. Felt Leaf Coasters


Use felt to create something leafy again! Check out how to make these adorably charming felt leaf coasters over at Crafts Unleashed.

17. Burlap Leaf Pillow


We’re in love with this homey, cozy project from Stone Gable. Learn how to make this no sew, burlap leaf pillow just in time for the changing of the season!

18. Oversized Leaf Art


Spruce up the mantle with a piece of DIY art like this one from Just A Girl. We love its easy, rustic appeal and how cozy it seems for a family home.

19. Pressed Leaves


Country Living is giving us the scoop on how to create pressed leaves. Then you can use them to decorate however you’d like, we especially love them in collages.

20. Leaf Candle Holders


Create some candle holders that hold a piece of the season. These mason jar arrangements are perfect for that! Check them out at Spark & Chemistry.

21. Leaf-Printed Linens


Funtober made this gorgeous leaf-printed linen and then showed us how. Just grad some foliage from the yard and get started.

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