The Best DIY Halloween Costumes For Babies

Choose from any one of these DIY kids costumes that you can whip up in a flash. No tricks here!

1. Lollipop munchkin

Make It, Love It!

2. Newborn bunny costume

Little Red Window

3. Baby hedgehog costume

Alida Makes

4. Baby fish with scales

See Vanessa Craft

5. Baby penguin

Make It, Love It.

6. Baby garden gnome

Adventure in A Box!

7. Baby burger costume

Creating Really Awesome, Fun Things

8. DIY no-sew baby chicken

Fun at Home With Kids

9. Handmade teddy bear

 Blooming Homestead.

10. Baby cow with udders

Make It, Love It

11. Infant mermaid costume

The Pinning Mama.

12. Baby money bag

 Domestic Perfection

13. DIY baby panda bear

Creating Really Awesome, Fun Things

14. Baby sock monkey

 Grosgrain Fab

15. Baby Where’s Waldo

Make It, Love It

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