The Best DIY Makeup Box Ideas

For your DIY jewelry collection you can use paper, hard boards and plastic to be shaped into jewelry boxes. Just visit the following shared ideas to enjoy your own celebrity styled vanity right at your dressing room.

Homemade Jewelry Organizer Idea:

Image: wasabifashioncult

Paper Basket Jewelry Box:

Image: madeheart

 Clutch Box – Great Gift Idea:

Image: youtube

Pottery Barn Knock Off Jewelry Box:


Jewelry Box Decorated With Old CDs:

Image: earthporm

Jewelry Box:

Image: youtube

 Plastic Bowl For Storage Jewelry:

Image: diytomake

Clay Jewelry Box:

Image: wanelo

Jewelry Case:

Image: jewelrygossips

Handmade Jewelry Box:

Image: artideascrafts

Gold With Glass Heart For Jewelry Box:

Image: girlshue

Bottle Cap Jewelry Box:

Image: newjewelryaday.blogspot

Jewelry Drawer Organizer:

Image: diytomake

Plastic Bottle Jewelry Basket:

Image: wordpress

Jewelry Storage Idea:

Image: diytomake

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