The Best Spooky Halloween Themed Cocktails

Put on a classic horror film and scroll your way through the goriest, spookiest, and most delicious cocktail recipes we could round up. Happy Boo-zing!

1. Zombie slime cocktails


2. Eyeball juice cocktail

Drink Stuff

3. Blood orange test tube shots

 Martha Stewart

4. Halloween Morgue-a-rita


5. The Witch’s Heart cocktail

The Flavour Bender

6. Halloween cherry vodka punch

 Revel and Glitter

7. Jack O Lantern cocktail


8. Vampire cocktail

Ministry of Alcohol

9. The Drambooie

 Party Blueprints

10. Black widow shot


11. Gummy fangs cocktail


12. Halloween witches brew cocktail

Tipsy Diaries

13. Bloody brain shot


14. Candy corn cocktail

Pass the Sushi

15. Bloody eyeball lychee cocktail

Katie Cakes

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