These Beautiful Portraits Are Of A Very Special Girl With Down Syndrome. She Is Stunning.

When you’re expecting a baby, the main thing you’ll probably worry about is that they’re born healthy. “Ten fingers and ten toes,” that’s what counts. But what happens when life throws you a curve ball? What if your baby’s birth didn’t go quite as expected?

England-based photographer Sian Davey’s photo series Finding Alice is a touching illustration designed to answer these very questions. Check it out for yourself. Her photos will show you that life is a miracle, no matter what your expectations were.

Sian’s daughter Alice was born with Down Syndrome.


Wanting to show that despite developing physically and mentally in a unique way, her daughter is no different from any other person, Sian took an amazing series of photos of Alice just living her life.


As you’ll see, Alive has the same love of life and curiosity that anyone her age would have. She especially loves her family and has a thirst for knowledge that others could envy.


Alice is truly cherished just as tenderly by the friends and family who surround her every day.


“I was deeply shocked when Alice was born as an ‘imperfect’ baby,” Sian confessed.


“It was not what I had expected. . . I was fraught with anxiety that rippled through to every aspect of my relationship with her. My anxieties penetrated my dreams.”


“I dreamt that Alice was swaddled in a blanket and that I had forgotten all about her. I unwrapped the tight bundle that she was nestled in, to feed her, only to discover that she was covered in a white fluid—a fluid of neglect; and yet I was unable to feed her, unable to respond to her basic needs.”


“On reflection I saw that Alice was feeling my rejection of her and that caused me further pain. I saw that the responsibility lay with me; I had to dig deep into my own prejudices and shine a light on them.”


“The result was that as my fear dissolved I fell in love with my daughter. We all did.”


“I wonder how it might be for Alice to be valued without distinction, without exception and without second glance. This project is for her, for Alice.”






There’s no doubt that Alice’s life is full of love and happiness. She’s very lucky to have an incredible mother as well. Even though Sian was afraid in the beginning of her daughter’s life, she has raised a beautiful child that is loved by all those around her.

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