How To Transform A Boring Old Dresser

Flea markets are a fantastic place to find affordable, sturdy furniture that you don’t have to put together yourself. Unfortunately, these diamonds in the rough do need a little bit of work before they become the centerpiece of your room.

We’ve scoured the Internet to find a wide variety of DIY projects that range from complete transformations to simpler projects designed to bring out the inner beauty of your dresser.

So let’s get inspired!

Dresser with Fabric-Lined Drawers – If the exterior of your dresser is in great condition, you might just want to add a pop of color and style to the insides. Adding fabric adds both color and texture, and doesn’t interfere with how the drawers pull out.

Apricot Ombre IKEA Dresser Makeover – A plain-Jane IKEA dresser can be customized with paint to transform it into something far more expensive looking. The ombre effect can be achieved by picking out a paint swatch that you like and getting a sample of each shade.

Nautical Dresser Transformation – An octopus stencil in the piece’s natural wood finish is a great way to preserve the piece’s original beauty while still updating the style.

Lace Makeover – Using old lace as a stencil, you can create this gorgeous and elegant effect on the dresser drawers.

Important Dates Dresser – Stencil the birthdates of your children, your wedding date, or other important dates on the front of dresser for a unique, personalized piece of furniture.

Painted Coral Dresser – A simple way to transform any dresser is with a coat of bright paint and new handles. This ones uses file cabinet pulls that double as labels for each drawer.

Cross-Stitch Dresser – Using a paint pen, you can create a delicate cross stitch pattern on the front of any dresser. This is a subtle, elegant way to dress up the piece.

Antique Silhouette and Chalkboard Dresser – This adorable dresser is perfect for a little girl’s room. You can personalize it further by creating the silhouette of your own child.

Pottery Barn Style Dresser – Try replacing several drawers with wicker baskets–you’ll get a brand new look for a fraction of the work and price.

DIY Mirrored Dresser Makeover – The mirrors transform this simple white dresser into a Hollywood Regency style piece that’s sure to garner plenty of attention.

Colorful Makeover – Add paint and coasters to take your dresser from pretty to gorgeous. Slight distressing adds texture and style.

Suitcase Dresser – Fabric and embellishments allow you to create a dresser that looks like stacked luggage. This incredible project is not one you’ll want to miss!Suitcase Dresser – Fabric and embellishments allow you to create a dresser that looks like stacked luggage. This incredible project is not one you’ll want to miss!

Industrial Dresser Makeover – Stencils, DIY handles, and a distressed facade add up to an industrial dresser that will look great in your bedroom, or could even be repurposed as a tool chest.

Clouds and Bubbles Dresser Update – Adding a few stencils in bright colors allows you to keep some of the natural charm of the dresser while also giving it an eye-popping update.

Vintage Map Dresser – This project can also be done with modern maps, if you prefer brighter colors. Mod-podging the maps on to the front changes the look of this dresser entirely.

Stenciled Flower Ad Makeover – A stencil turns this old dresser into a brightly colored piece with a vintage sign on it.

Nailhead Outline Dresser – Re-cover the dresser with fabric and decorate the edges with metallic nailheads to create a unique dresser or nightstand.

Herringbone Dresser – Adding a herringbone pattern to the drawers of this dresser took it from simple to unique in one quick afternoon. Herringbone is a trendy pattern that, when mixed with the distressed finish, looks great!

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