Trendy Hair Colors For This Summer

These hair color ideas ranging from natural-looking babylights to gorgeous pastel dye jobs — will make everyone take notice for all the right reasons!

1. Dark roots with rosy ends

Fashion Trend Seeker

2. Intense silver

Emily Anderson Styling

3. Rose gold waves

Behind the Chair

4. Taupe based dusty purple

Emily Anderson Styling

5. Auburn to bright orange ombre


6. Multiple shades of purple on a blonde base

The Blondologist!

7. Deep purple to blonde ombre


8. Iridescent pink with a gold base

Behind the Chair

9. Bold blue with steel blue highlights

Edwards and Co

10. Red to copper balayage


11. Oil slick inspired rainbows

Fashion Trends

12. Peach coloured hair

Jes St Germain.

13. Teal toned ends


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