Unconventional Christmas Ornaments: 13 Creative DIY Decorations To Try

Break away from tradition with this curated list of 13 DIY Christmas ornaments. From quirky to artistic, these handmade decorations promise a festive twist for a unique holiday ambiance.

1. Unicorn Christmas Ornament 

the unicorn familyThe Farm Girl Cabs

2. Hot Air Balloon Christmas Ornament 

The Cheese Thief

3. Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments 

One Little Project

4. Vintage Buttons Christmas Ornament 

Live Love DIY

5. Wire Stars Ornaments 

Alyssa & Carla!

6. Hamburger Christmas Ornaments 

Aww Sam

7. Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments 


8. Mini Mittens Ornament 

Just Crafty Enough

9. Sprinkles Christmas Ornament 

Little Gray Fox

10. Scrabble Christmas Ornament 

Crafts by Amanda

11. Ice Cream Christmas Ornaments 

My Poppet

12. Pet Christmas Ornaments

Handmade Charlotte

13. Photo Christmas Ornaments 


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