Unique Baby Food Jar Crafts

A compilation of the best DIY ideas to transform your plain baby food jars into some amazing crafts which can serve as beautiful decor as well as practical usages to bring you a lot of surprises and excitement.


Dip the Jars in Paint. Dip the jar into the bowl filled with paint. Fill with flowers or tea lights to make beautiful decor for your celebration when they are dry.source


Brown Sugar Scrub. Place your sugar scrub in baby food container or mason jars. Spray paint onto lids and tie some ribbons for beautiful decor. It’s fantastic to hand out these adorable things as gifts.source


A Baby Food Jar Herb Garden. It would be a waster to throw baby jars away. Transfer seedling in the jars to present a fresh spring style for beautiful garnishment.source


Baby Food Jar Topiary. Fill the baby food jar with colorful jelly beans, insert with a puffy flower topiary to present an exquisite outlook. These adorable things would be great centerpieces for a baby shower.source


Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion. Make the pin cushion from pink fabric and fluffy pillow stuffing. Glue pincushion at the top of the jar lid and use beautiful ribbons to cover the side of the jar lid. It’s fantastic to repurpose your jar in this way.source


Odds and Ends Rack. Remove all labels for your baby food jar, spray paint and primer on lids, fill the jars with odds and ends rack to save your from crafty nest.source


DIY Pie in a Jar. Arrange the gold baked dough hearts on the pies, decorate the jar with ribbon, labels to finish off its beautiful outlook. It’s time to show off your excellent crafts to your family and friends at any occasions.source


Garden Chandelier. It’s super chic to add soft, eco-friendly candlelight to your garden with this beautiful chandelier made from baby food jars as well as circular cooling rack.source


Spice Organization. Mark each jar with chalkboard spray paint for easy identification. Display them on an empty drawer. You can fill the jars with all kinds of spices to get things organized and save your space.source


DIY Apple Jars. Get ready to paint the jar in red and ring lid in green. Add stem from wooden peg and green leaves from cardstock. With easy processes, you can turn out an amazing piece of art.source


DIY Votive Holder. Wrap up the baby food jar in an elegant style, place candles inside to serve as a mood lighting and beautiful decor with these adorable votive holders.source


Baby Food Jar Party Favors. Paint the lids and add up some embellishment decor at the top to create your shabby-chic party favors your friends will speak highly of. You can also fill them with candies that coordinates with the theme.source


Baby Food Jar Snow Globes. Paint the lids gold, glue trees on the lid. Add gold glittering confetti, fill the jar with distilled water and Glycerin. You’ll finish off the stunning mini snow globe for beautiful decor.source


Hanging Planter. Use clamp to attach baby food jars to the wood. Fill the jar with water and display colorful flowers to finish off its beautiful decor with this hanging planter.source


15 baby food jar crafts

Funny Hair Jar. Use craft items to make a funny face at the front of the jar. Fill it with dirt and grass seed. It’s so funny to watch the hair grow under the sunlight.source


Magic Ball. Place cube in the jar and fill it with water, cover the jar clay or dough. Decorate the jar with clear nail polish and hearts decor from craft foam to finish off its exquisite outlook for a lot of fun.source


Crayon Organizer. To avoid the crayon mess, you can spray paint on various baby food jars for its beautiful outlook. Display crayons in the jar of the same color to get things organized with low cost.source


Cheese Cake in a Jar. Make the graham cracker crust, spoon fruit filling into each jar. It tastes fantastic without any bakery. Both adults and children alike must adore this cheese cake in a jar.source


Salt Pepper Shakers. Use nifty little jars, get a nifty package of paints and stencils from folk art enamels for this spring themed colors and beautiful decor.source


Glittering Slime Jars. Pour in the Borax mixture and combine the glue to from glitter slime. Fill the food jar with glittering slime for beautiful garnishment.source


Lemon Sugar Scrub in a Jar. Mix coconut oil and sugar added lemon juice, place them in a jar, add a label and some ribbon for beautiful decor. It’s fantastic to whip up these scrubs in the jar.source


Night Light Jar Craft. Cover layers of colorful tissue paper all over the jar, add a good coat of glue to seal. Place a LED light to finish off this adorable piece of art for illumination as well as for garnishment.source


Hummingbird Feeder. Paint the lid of the jar, glue plastic flowers for beautiful decor at the top. Hang it around the hook. Replace your out of date hummingbird feeder with this exquisite one for practical use as well as beautiful decor.source


Sewing Kit in a Jar. Turn your shabby mason jar into a brand new sewing kit with a built-in pincushion at the top. Make cushion by placing batting between fabric and cardboard, apply hot glue around the edge. It’s super chic to keep your sewing kits tidy and clean in this funny jar.source


Fabric Baby Jar Votives. Transform your plain jar into an exquisite one by wrapping up the jar with beautiful patterned fabric. Place candles to finish off this adorable well-refined work of art.source

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