Unique DIY Map Projects

Try these creative ideas to use the geographic artifacts in an interesting, historic and beautiful way, which you will surely treasure and feel proud of. It can bring you heartfelt contentment as well stunning visual effect definitely.


Map Pattern Nail Art. How cute are these nail art inspired by map. It’s time to show off your beautiful map patterned nail to your friends.source


Map Pattern Pot Project. Decoupage torn pieces of the map paper, paint the inside with color coordinates with the map patterned paper. You’ll finish off this pot project of map pattern with its fantastic outlook.source


Map Covered Candle. Wrap up your candle with a piece of map from the atlas your collect. You may not burn it for a long time, but it would be super chic to set up a tone for a farewell party.source


Map Wall Art. Print map tiles with places your often go to on card stock and put them in Ikea frames. Use wax pencils to mark off your favorite places. It serves as a stunning decor to enhance the aesthetic sense of your room decor.source


Vintage Map Bangle. Cut maps into strips, line them up and make the edges overlap, glue them on the bracelet and you can glue something unexpected on the inside to finish off this interesting vintage map bangle.source


Faux Vintage Pull Down Map. Glue the edge of the map paper to dowel rod. Put nails in each side and twist wire to hang the map. This vintage piece of art can be hung as wall art or even a window shade if it’s large enough.source


Map Wallet. Sew map paper along the outside of the wallet to secure, use adhesive Velcro and put it on the closing of the wallet and the little pocket inside to secure. You’ve got the whole world in your hands with this nifty work of art.source


Map Feather Ornament. Cut out narrow strips along the edge of the feather shaped map paper. It’s fantastic to turn the frayed pages of an old atlas into funny feather decorations.source


Map Lampshade. Wrap up the lampshade with your favorite atlas. It’s fantastic to turn a bedside lamp into your personalized glowing globe to invoke adventurous dreams.source


Map Fan Art. Fold the map paper in a fan shape, cut the excess part and glue it on wooden stripes. Use a nail to fasten the overlapped wooden stripes. It’s super easy to DIY this map-themed fan for travelling.source


DIY Iphone Map Case. Cut the map the same size as the case of your device, make sure you leave a bit so it won’t come up short. Personalize your ideal one with the map pattern you like the most. It’s fashionable to decorate your device with this beautiful map case decor.source


Map Shoes. Add mod podge on the canvas shoes to glue and seal the map pieces. It’s really eye-catching if you wear this pair of shoes full of artful sense on the street.source


Place chandelier bead over the map paper. Paint the back with silver leafing paint to hide the back side. Bead the head pin through the front and attach a jump ring, string on a chain to finish off its cool design with map pattern.source


Map Covered Shoe Boxes. Wrap up your shoes boxes with map paper to transform it from the plain look into a trendy one. This creative idea suits not only for shoe boxes, it also applies for gift boxes as well.source


Initial Letter Map Decor. Wrap up the initial letter with map patterned paper to transform it into a super chic outlook for trendy decoration.source


Map Votive. Rinse out jars and remove labels, glue map pages onto jars with mod-podge, place candles inside to finish off this piece or art to offer a beautiful decor especially for your dinner party.source


Jenga Keychain. Screw eye into the block, apply mod-podge to the map paper and place on the Jenga block, attach the key ring to finish off this gorgeous artwork for beautiful decor.source


Map Serving Tray. Spread layer of decoupage medium on the glass plate and glue the paper map at the bottom. In this way, the map pattern is visible through the glass. This tray must be a focal point on your party.source


City Lamp Map Art. Add mod-podge to map paper to make it stronger and more transparent. Use the treated map paper to wrap up the lampshade. Place energy saving bulbs in the lamp to finish off this unique and lush lamp which is perfect for dining table lighting.source


Heart Shaped Wall Art. Cut out your map into a heart shape, frame it up to hang in the room for an elegant decor full of artful sense.source


DIY Map Pendant. Glue dozens of cut-out circles on the white plain paper lantern. At night time, you’ll be amazed at the soft light ambiance.source


Glass Marble Magnet. Trace the marble onto the map paper, cut it out and apply Mod Podge to the front. Place gorilla glue to the magnet to the back of the marble to finish off these adorable map magnets with fantastic outlook.source


Map Bunting. Glue map triangle on the thick cardstock. Attach bias tape to both sides of the triangle, use a zig-zag stitch to sew it up to from a loop for hanging the bunting. This serves as a perfect outdoor decor with the travelling map theme.source


Vintage Map Packaging. Wrap up your gifts with vintage map. Tie the string and mark the coordinated labels to finish off your eye-catching package for your gift in this vintage style.source


Map Patterned Envelope Art. Use the open envelope as the template to cut the shape from the map paper. Fold it in the same place as the original one and glue together. It’s super chic to turn the dreary map page into this lively and cool map patterned envelope.source

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