Unique Game Ideas for Your Family

These ideas will not only help kids boost language, memory and other learning skills, but also help you get trust and love of family.


Giant Outdoor Chess. I absolutely love the idea of taking it outdoors. This would not only be fun, but would keep us active and healthy.source


Balloon Stomp. Each player will have two balloons, one on each ankle. Try to pop the other players’ balloons by stomping on them. The player with the last unpopped balloon is the winner.source


Rainbow Tag. When family members find a different-colored stick, they put a line of that color on their faces. Another one try to tag the players and wipes a color off his or her face. First player with five colors wins!source


Standing Roller Coaster. All you need is a large rope tied in a circle. You cannot move your feet, and everyone starts moving the rope to try and fling other people off. The last person standing wins!source


Sponge Launch. Three team members use the water balloon launch to launch sponges filled with water to their team mates. Teammates catch the sponges and wring the sponge out in the bucket. Once the bucket is full, you win the game.source


Giant Jenga.Play with your family at weekends or holidays,and you will have a unforgettable memory.The colors we add give the whole thing some sparkle and personality.source


Ring Toss Game. The further you stand back, the harder it gets. In order to make it more challenging and entertaining, you can mark lines in the yard and assign each one with a different point value.source


Keep It Up. In this game, everyone of the family has to keep the further up by blowing it across the room into a bucket. Let’s see who is the winner.source


Knock Down the Bottles. All those heads are in one stocking with some tennis balls in it. Knock down all the bottles as soon as possible.source


Face the Cookie. In this game, each person has a cookie placed on their forehead and has to get it into mouth without touching it with hands.source


Tug of war. If you have a big family, there is nothing more fun than tug of war. Don’t tie the rope around the last persons waist. It’s only a family game.source


DIY Lawn Games. These DIY lawn games are fun and easy to play with the kids for spring, summer, fall, or anytime the weather permits backyard activities. Believe it or not, this is made with really simple materials.source


Bean Bag Toss. There are six bean bags and the members take turns throwing them into the bowls. Try to get more points!source


Don’t Blow the Joker. Put playing cards on the top of a bottle, and try to blow it off one by one. This game is simple to play, which is part of the reason we love it so much.source


Dominoes. These life-sized dominoes made from wooden boards and stickers will provide fun for hours, and you’ve got a summer of fun.source

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