Unique and Inviting Small Entryways

We believe creating an instaworthy entryway has nothing to do with home size. So if that tiny nook by your front door doesn’t feel very inviting, consider it an opportunity to decorate. Need some motivation? Here are twenty small entryways brimming with personal style.

Stylish Small Entryways

Blue and White Entryway

Graphic wallpaper, a faceted mirror, and sculpted console are the three geometric-inspired ingredients that transformed this minuscule foyer into a blue-tiful entryway (pardon the pun).

Interior designer Dee Murphy explains how to get the look.

Entry With an Oversized Mirror

If your entryway feels like a black hole during the day, adding a supersize mirror will amplify natural light. The low profile bench provides a handy perch for pulling on shoes or dropping off bags.

This sun-drenched entry was created by Amber Interior Design.

Classic Black and White Entryway

Looking for an idea that will pass muster year after year? A black and white entryway is always on trend. This one features Moroccan-inspired wallpaper, a natty console, and swank mirror.

See how to work black and white all over your home on JWS Interiors. 

Chic and Functional Entryway

Yours truly turned an unloved wall in her New York City prewar into a multifunctional entryway with built-in storage. But wait, there’s more. See the red cabinet? It’s an IKEA hack that conceals an ugly electrical panel. ​

Boho Entryway

Nothing says welcome home like an entryway decked out with beautiful foliage. A wood rack and wicker seat ratchet up the natural appeal.

A Pair and a Spare shares how to make the wall-mounted organizer.

Shabby Chic Entryway

What do you need to create a romantic and modern shabby chic entryway? Trellis wallpaper, a natural wood console, knitted poufs and of course a mirror worthy of Snow White.

See more photos on Suburban Faux Pas.

Get a Unique Entryway Bench

A bench adds practical function to an entryway. If you’re looking for an idea that’s also insanely stylish, grab a piece of vintage furniture and reach for the Mod Podge.

Interior designer Megan Pflug illustrates how she transformed a set of old, fiberglass seats into a decoupage marble bench. 

Style a Classic Entryway

Love French country inspired décor? The vintage dresser is a cornerstone in this petite foyer. A tray on top and basket beneath keeps grab-and-go things orderly.

Entryway in a Tiny Space

If your nonexistent entryway leaves you starved for storage; this practical idea beautifully whips up room for outerwear, shoes, and handbags on a smidgen of wall space.

The Nonexistent Entryway Solution

Tired of looking for your house keys? It’s a common problem when you’re a member of the “nonexistent entryway” club. Lucky for you, a strategically placed bench creates a dapper drop zone for your on-the-go gear. A rugged wood option as shown will up the style ante.

Learn more about this home on Havenly.

Cozy and Rustic Entryway

Fans of Southwestern style will love the woven fabrics and rustic accents found in this small entryway. We’re fond of the steer head hooks. The table top up-light is also a notable touch particularly for entryways without a ceiling fixture.

Get more details on Room for Tuesday.

The Minimalist Entryway

The fake foyer in this LA apartment is tricked out with six classic entryway essentials from basket storage to a console landing strip. Our favorite feature is the iconic George Mirror by ModLoft.

See all the beautiful photos on Homey Oh My. ​​

Steal This Colorful Entryway Idea

The owners of this shotgun inspired home in New Orleans turned the bare walls in their entryway hall into a vibrant art gallery.

You’ll find tips for creating on Maggie Overby Studios.

Simply Beautiful Faux Entryway

The faux entryway in this Palm Springs home makes a fantastic first impression while blending seamlessly with the living room. To pull off, stick to the same color scheme to create a smooth visual transition between both spaces.

For a closer look at this abode, visit A House in the Hills.

Scandinavian-Inspired Entryway

What makes those Scandinavian interiors you collect on Pinterest so appealing? We say it’s their less is more looks that don’t skimp on style. Case in point, this cute and comfortable entryway.

Emily Henderson shares how to duplicate this Swedish-inspired idea.

Gold and White Entryway

Chic, white interiors never go out of style, and even better the look is easy to pull off. To go glam like this entryway, add a few metallic accents to offset white walls.

See all the gold fixtures in this small space on Fantastic Frank.

Cute and Cheap Entryway

Creating a cute and comfy entryway doesn’t have to be expensive. This one features a few on trends ideas that are cheap to make. For instance, the leather bench — Yes you can do-it-yourself. ​

Find the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

Entryway Storage

We have seen our fair share of pegboard storage ideas, but this mammoth wall treatment just may be our favorite. It transformed a pointless waste of vertical space into a one-of-a-kind entryway that doubles as a living room feature wall.

For the full skinny visit Vintage Revivals.

Tiny Entryway

If you only have room for two entryway ideas, you can’t go wrong with a stylish mirror, and a wall mounted landing strip like this chic marble shelf. It creates the perfect place to park keys and other small grab and go items in this teeny-weeny apartment entry.

See this New York Apartment decorated by Ashley Darryl.

Colorful and Family Friendly Entryway

Family-friendly entryways can also be stylish. We love all the bright ideas found in this Copenhagen apartment. Practical storage solutions like the black IKEA Trones and Eames Hang-It-All coat rack corrals clutter, while attractive features like the painted floor and copper fixtures bring chic contrast to the table.

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