Useful Wedding Favors

For instance you can give your guests wedding favors that they will use afterwards in the household, for instance personalized mason jars for their kitchen or different kinds of sweets.

When it comes to sweets, the list is long. You can pack some tasty donuts in a nice packaging or wrap some chocolate candies in festive paper.

If your wedding is in summer, sunglasses can be a great option as wedding favors as they will remember the time they had at your party every time they put the sunglasses on.

Homemade projects ideas are endless, from handmade tote bags, to personalized journals and even home made alcoholic beverages, each and every one of these is an amazing idea to give as wedding favors.

What makes the difference between these and ordinary gifts is the way your wrap and ornate them and the fact that they were made by you, with love and attention. Read more in the link below..

1. Personalized Lip Balm (for a Winter Wedding)

2. Donuts

3. Sunglasses (for a Summer Wedding)

4. Coffee Beans

5. Candy-Filled Mugs

42 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

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