Yummy Easter Fudge Recipes

Despite the fact that there’s snow on the ground, Easter is actually right around the corner and we have some festive baking ahead of us. So in preparation for the arrival of my favorite rabbit – I decided to make Easter Chocolate Fudge.

1. Cardamom cashew fudge

Happy Go Marni

2. Purple yam fudge

 Goddess of Scrumptiousness

3. Chocolate bacon fudge

 I Sing In the Kitchen

4. Pumpkin pie fudge

 The Cultural Dish

5. Chocolate cheese fudge

Finding Zest

6. Cute peanut butter chocolate “tree ring” fudge

Handmade Charlotte

7. Rocky road fudge

Ashlee Marie

8. Unicorn fudge with sprinkles

 Kara’s Party Ideas

9. Watermelon fudge


10. Raw red velvet fudge

Desserts With Benefits

11. Cake batter and sprinkles fudge

Ashlee Marie

12. Easy candy cane fudge

DIY Candy

13. Orange creamsicle fudge

 Bru Crew Life

14. Cotton candy fudge


15. Pineapple fudge

Mom on Time Out

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